Insight from Asian Genes......

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by TruthSeeker, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Renrue Someone Registered Senior Member

    Hello again,

    I have been doing some research on Chinese cultures. Interesting enough, the Chinese are not so close. In fact, like Europeans, Chinese culture includes many other cultures as well. They are known as Chinese, because the Hans unified all of China and kept the Han language as the official.

    True, the Han do control China, but that can be said about Germanic tribes controlling Europe. Most of the poor villages you state that has incest, are actually most of the minorities. Maybe everyone in Southern British Columbia are minorities of China? I bet not. They are very diversified.

    The culture that occupied Indo-China is known as the Hmong if you must know. It is argued that they occupied China 5000 years ago. It's largely argued, but the Hmong do exist.

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  3. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    I never said incest. I said within the limits of the country. Incest is a possibility, but not the only one. :bugeye:

    We all look like monkeys in one way or another...

    Yes, just as I pointed out. But that's not all.

    That's lucky. Most kids wouldn't have that much luck. I heard thats the norm there..

    I also heard my friend who lived in China fo rmore then 10 years. And all that she siad just confirmed my suspicions. So should we just ignore that piece of evidence?

    African with slanted eyes? Huum... that's interesting...

    Yeah... that one is not so chimp like...
    But I wonder where the gene came from....

    I never said it was necessarily incest. You see... they could breed with each other, within the same country, but still not be incest. What I said is that they breed with each other, from the same country. And of course, in isolated communities and farm, incest might be more of a possibility. But again, it is rarely 100%.

    Again, you are not listening to what I'm saying. Incest is but one thing here.

    A perfect example of what I'm trying to talk about is Swizterland. Swizterland is literally made by isolated valleys. People from diffeent valleys speak different dialects. Aside from the dialects, there are also 5 different languages spoken there. This is a perfect example of isolation creating diversity. People in isolated small towns are more likely to commit incest then others where there is not so much isolation. More likely is not a certainty. After many years, they eventually connected the cities with railways. Now, it is easier for them to move between cities, which increase the chances of interbreeding between them, which increases the amount of diversity and decreases the language barriers (even tough in the beginning the language barriers are increased).

    You really need to understand the variables and how they relate to each other. It looks to me that people have barely any idea what variables I'm talking about here, let alone how they relate.
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  5. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    I don't think you understood my comments on incest...

    You need to differentiate incest from breeding within a political boundary. You haven't done that yet. Then, you have to understand how people would breed. they breed according to the size of the place they are and according to their degree of possible mobility. I, for instance, was born in a city of 16 million people. I wasn't confined to a few people. I also had a huge degree of mobility. Which is why I ended up breeding so far away from home.

    To underatnd something, you first need to know the variables, and then how they relate to each other. You haven't done that yet.

    Yes, Buddhism originated in India. In China, there was Taosim and a few others. Do you think Buddhism was just suddenly widely accepted?

    Again, you need to know the variables and how they relate to each other. You also need to consider what we have right now. Vietnamese people look different then the chinese ones, therefore, there must have been some variables that caused the difference. You seem to be trying to dismiss that they are different altogether.

    Well, there you go. That might be the reason.


    People have a hard time discussing controversial things. It is sad that people mix emotions and logic so much. But that's what they do. That's why it is hard to discuss things like abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. People just need to focus in making the best choices they can. Instead, they focus on saving face. It's sad, but true. Why do you think the world is in the state it is today?

    I agree with you. But the hypothesis came once a friend of mine came from China after living there for 10 years. I think that's a good amount of observation added.
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  7. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Once again, someone takes it too personally. I'm saying that diversity is beneficial and I'm called racist? That's odd, to say the least.
    Everyone has imperfections. What is wrong with discussing them?
  8. Renrue Someone Registered Senior Member

    Alright, "within the limits of a country." Replace all the times I said incest with that. My stance changes none.

    Okay, so it is NOT JUST East Asians? Correct? So do you agree (in accordance of equality) that caucasoids resemble monkeys as much as East Asians do?

    Nor it could be relevant at all? I'm not saying to toss it out, but you have no backings on this claim. It could be genetic, or it could be a combination of poor dental services and tooth-decaying promoting foods.

    You say not to toss it out, but I say not to include. I will believe you when you pull up the genetic research in the Human Genome Project or of close relevance.

    Keyword, heard. Luck? Maybe. Maybe it is because she had full dental service in the states? Now, refering to the post above, dental service could be the whole issue. That is not genetic.

    No, but many East Asians also have superstitions as well. Should we accept that all? Just because it is a testimonial of a person that pertains to your speculations, does not mean it is right.

    Now, if you told me she was a researcher of that field, and had several evidences that supported her, then I'd say that would be a firm evidence you may include. We should not toss it out, but should not confirm it either.

    Indeed, maybe if you tried observing other people instead of just targeting East Asians...

    Mystery, eh? We are not here to dispute evolution, I believe in evolution. If you'd like to start a new thread on the origin of East Asian slanted eyes, be my guest.

    Alright, refer to my first response.

    I'm sorry, I just used incest, because it was a more specific term. Refer to my first response.

    Alright, I don't see exactly what you're trying to get at, but I don't think East Asians were necessarily as isolated as that.

    Remember, China was ruled by many dynasties. Some got conquered, others unified. This means Chinese DID move around different parts of China. They didn't isolate themselves in valleys.

    Tell me the variables instead of going: "You don't know what I'm talking about!" Shed some light, and maybe some of us will understand.

    Also, you may have variables, and I may need to know them. Deal. Just tell me all your variables. In the mean time, i think you need to do some research. Let me refer you to a great tool: Google

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2006
  9. Renrue Someone Registered Senior Member

    Refer to my prior post.

    Fine, I just differentiated. Now replace the words where I said incest with "breeding within a political boundary." That is my new argument.

    Again, tell us the variables. You're posting a bunch of pieces. We're not gonna pick them all up. I'm sorry, but your posts are not a reliable, and you aren't the type of source I'd scan over to create a well formulated thesis.

    No, I don't. What I was getting at is, that they slowly interacted with India and those of surrounding areas.

    *Sigh* You repeat yourself, and now I repeat myself. I am not dismissing it all, I am just saying that you are not giving supporting details. The main idea is not a clear enough concept for me to say it is right either.

    See? You have done no research whatsoever. You have no merit in your posts. You stated it was the interaction between Vietnamese and Indians. However, that is not the case. And even if the Hmong migrated, I'm sure not all moved to Vietnam.

    I was stating that you have no merit and are just trying to piece things together. Yet you defend it as if you did day-in, day-out research and I'm just a heretic who just questions things out of the heck of it. I even proved that statement wrong, look above.

    True, but I am not so sure you are 100% basing yourself off your own logic (and just because I call it logic, doesn't mean it's the right logic

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    ). You assume too much with no research to back up your statements.

    I believe that person is the same person you stated over and over. So your entire hypothesis is off two people. Do you think that is enough?

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2006
  10. WhisperBlade Registered Senior Member

    I believe your opinion, arguments, and statements are completely biased and have no scientific foundation to be based on. Therefore, as a scientific person, I cannot call what you said a "Hypothesis".

    If you want to talk about Asians looking like monkeys, I think white people look more like monkeys above anything else.

    According to Darwinian Theorem, we have all evolved from Monkeys at some point. SO in other words, if I wanted to twist this theory, I can say Caucasians lack evolution, because you have more hair. You are 500 years behind Asians because your body hair haven't dissappeared as much as Asians have. (Of course, this is not likely true. But for the sake of argument and going with the "trend" of your "hypothesis", let's assume this is true.)

    I live in BC too. Your point? There are a lot of Asians here, yes. But they don't represent any of the Asian traditions. I'm 6'5, 250 pounds and a powerful build Chinese. I play on the football team and I can walk down the field with 5 people clinging onto me. Do I look like a monkey? No. If anything, I can be called an elephant.

    What kind of health problems are you talking about? Be more specific. Because I for a fact do not have any health problems. You are not directly stating that Asians are incest freaks, but you are suggesting it.

    If you've ever studied European history, you'd know that Europe is the biggest incest colony of the world. In Europe, cousin-marriage was the most popular (Or in other words, most common) type of marriage. European Monarchy was INFESTED with incest during the Middle ages and Late middle ages. Even in World War One, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was the uncle of Tzar of Russia, who inturn married his cousin, the daughter of the French King, who was married to the wife of the Spanish overlord, who's wife was the sister of the Tzar's Mother.

    Right you are. We're punished. We're punished by high intelligence. DO you realize that over over 80% of all Asian population in BC enters Univerisity, while only 14 pecent of the rest enters university? I like this punishment. Go on.

    I can speak 7 Languages. Latin, French, German, English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. The reason why I can speak Mandarin is because I was born in China, and Cantonese was a local dialect. I can speak "5" European languages. Why? Because once I learned Latin, the other 5 languages were so incredibly easy. All European langauges are based off Latin root, and all use letters for words.

    Chinese characters spans over 70,000 as a base. Chinese is so much more complex than European languages. Then, there are PITCHES to each word. That makes 280,000 words that are in CONSTANT use. There is also another 180,000 older words that are rarely in use (but still used), and about another 45,000 obsolete words. Different pitches in sound mean different things. English tops at about 250,000, with about 20% of it obsolete.

    Japanese characters are drastically different from Chinese characters. Chinese characters are square like, while Japanese characters are more rounded. Korean Characters are completely circular. There may be some similarities in the 3 languages. But compared to the degree of similarities in Latin-based languages, the number is small and obscure.

    You said Asian languages sound different. Just so you know, Vietnam is next to the Canton province of China. The pronounciation of the words between Cantonese dialect and Vietnamese are very very simlar. All enunciation comes from the back of the throat. But the langauges are completely different. Get your geography right.

    China doesn't need to breed with other people. China has a population of 1.4 billion and rising. That's a quarter of the world's population. If I am not wrong, Asians (Including Indians) comprises 59.4% of the world's population.

    The One Child Policy implied in later posts was due to a problem during the 60's and 70's. After the Second World War, Mao Ze Dong became the leader of China. His policy at the time was to encourage birth. Under the fever of the Communist influence, women in China often had 10 kids. This is why overpopulation is such a huge problem today in China. Thus the one-child policy.

    TruthSeeker, I believe all your statements are false and HAVE NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS. Please, get your facts right before criticizing racial problems. It's this sort of stuff that gets you killed. For a fact, if you were in Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, or wherever you are in Asia, you wouldn't live to see the sunrise of the next day.

    You are openly saying that a specific race has imperfections, therefore you are a racist. It's like if I sat here and yelled all white people are crackers. What would the Caucasian population of this forum say to me? I'd be jeered and made fun of.

    2 last statements.

    1. When you find yourself in a hole, drop the shovel and stop digging.

    2. You may need re-educate yourself. Because I think whoever taught you was on crack; or likewise, you were.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2006
  11. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    This is ridiculous. I never said asians are the only "race" with imperfections. Where did I say that? Everyone has imperfections. :bugeye:

    All that I said is that because of geographic isolation throughout a determined time in the past, some people in Asia ended up preserving some genes that were not preserved in other areas. Other areas preserved other genes and other genes were mixed. Nobody seems to have enough brain here to understand the very simple fact of life that we are all different. :bugeye:

    Grow up. Racism is what you get when you read some scientific thing and can't understand all the implications. Read carefully what I'm saying. It is very, very obvious. I will post another example, once again.

    A perfect example of what I'm trying to talk about is Swizterland. Swizterland is literally made by isolated valleys. People from different valleys speak different dialects. Aside from the dialects, there are also 5 different languages spoken there. This is a perfect example of isolation creating diversity. People in isolated small towns are more likely to commit incest then others where there is not so much isolation. More likely is not a certainty. After many years, they eventually connected the cities with railways. Now, it is easier for them to move between cities, which increase the chances of interbreeding between them, which increases the amount of diversity and decreases the language barriers (even tough in the beginning the language barriers are increased).

    Now we look carefully at the variables and how they relate to each other. First we have a geographical area, alright? It has a definite size. The size of the geographical area is defined by the boundaries which distinguish them from another distinguishable geographical area. Those two areas are by definition two different areas (well, duh!). The size and level of danger of the features which define the borders of thsoe geographical areas determine how isolated they are. For instance, if you have a geographical area in Japan and another US, the degree of isolation is defined by an entire fucking ocean. Ok? Does it sound isolated enough? Alright. Then we have people within a geographical area. The number of people within the area creates a relationship between the area itself and how many people per kilometer, for example. It depends on the size of the area and the number of people. Those are two important varialbes in this discussion. If you have a few people in a very large geographical area, then you increase the possibility of incest. Do you understand? Because it decreases the number of options. Now, in the other way, if you have a smaller area and more people, the number of incest cases will decrease. Now, if the geographical area is really big and you have lots of people, then the number of incest cases might be smaller, because it might be easier for them to have more options. Then you have people from different areas being able to breed. The new variable here is locomotion. The degree of locomotion is defined by the technology that people have as well as the hazards along the way. That's why I said that chinese people are more likely to breed within the boundaries of their own country, because they didn't have enough technology to get out of the geographic limitations for a long time. Now, there is such thing and they are more likely to breed with other people. Finally, there's the dreaded variable- the genetic health. It is widely known that there is a correlation between incest and genetic problems. Therefore, you can create a scale that measures the amount of genetic health. Incest is the lowest one. Then, within a larger gegraphical area, until you have the entire planet. If I travel from Brasil and breed with a Canadian, my son is bound to be more genetically healthy then if I would have bred with someone from my own country. Now, also observing the interactions between asians, I also find that they often have a hard time talking amongst other non-asian people. Not always, but very often. I don't know why. Maybe it is the language barrier, or part of the culture, but they generally don't talk much in English, around here. Once again, that is also a factor that decreases their chances of breeding with other cultures.

    But again, there are countless variables. There are also countless of relationship between the variables and countless examples that clearly show what I'm saying. The conclusion of my hypothesis is obvious- racism is by far not beneficial at all to mankind, as the more we breed amongst each other, the better our genes get. What I'm saying is that people should love diversity and should see what is good in all and accept everyone's imperfections, because it is our imperfections that makes us different and unique anyways. I don't know why most people are not very keen to diversity, but I am. I wouldn't be married to someone so genetically "different" then me if I wasn't.

    So P-lease... read what I write carefully and think about all the details and the big picture at the same time. Only when you think about both the details and the big picture simultaneously you can understand what I'm saying. And this is all I can say. It is impossible to get any more painfully specific then what I just did. And it's pointless to describe more example. I could spend the rest of my life just analizing those variables and the relationships between them.
  12. Renrue Someone Registered Senior Member


    How easily your ideals change when at strike. That was not your hypothesis. Your original hypothesis was that East Asians look a lot like "rangutans and chimps" because you believed that East Asians did not develop as much due to lack of diverse breeding. Rereading your last post...

    Wow. You bend more easily than tin foil. Not to insult you, but you are changing your ideals. Again, you made more assumptions. Not only have you failed to directly RESPOND, you ignored my entire post and tried to bring up something that seems innocent, but has no relation whatsoever to what you have said before.

    Let me refresh you:
    Wow! I could go on, and all of that was in only the first post. If you're going to reword your hypothesis, please use the hypothesis, and not scrape something entirely new.

    If you still don't see what I'm getting at, READ your entire first post and then read your last post.

  13. Renrue Someone Registered Senior Member


    Also, could you please respond to my posts?

    And I would also like to say, what technology did the Europeans have that the Chinese did not? If you say locomotives, than I say, that didn't come until the late 1890s. And between from there and now, Chinese could not have interbreeeded enough to make them look like "rangutans and chimps."

    If you say horses, then i say, how did Mongols conquer people? By feet? No! The Chinese had horses too! You neglected my entire post!

    Please read my post and respond accordingly.

  14. WhisperBlade Registered Senior Member

    I responded exact to what you started out with. Now, you think that I am not reading your post?

    I no longer need to reply to this post. I believe your ignorance is making you fall deeper into the hole. So please, base your assumptions on science rather than personal indicaments.

    The genius of the hole, no matter how hard you try climbing out, in an instant, you fall to the bottom again. ~ Max Payne.
  15. iam Banned Banned

    You assume A LOT and reason as a child. I'm wondering how old you are. Koreans are not chinese, they are descendents of the mongols which is quite different from the han tribe which make up the majority of the chinese population. They are of different stock. Of course any neighboring countries will intermingle but they are not genetically identical, the average korean would be around 25-30% chinese. China is composed of 51 different ethnicities, there is tremendous diversity. As far as japanese, they are probably a proto-korean and malaysian admixture but thats the genetic base. They also have chinese, korean, okinawon and ainu and "other" around 1-5% admixture just as koreans but in differing degrees. You are very incorrect that there is no genetic diversity within the asian population, there is a lot. It is just not of the same components of the western population. If you studied the major genetic components of europeans, they will be majority caucasian with some african or asian genetic material as well but in very miniscule amounts even if less than 1%. This is normal. For instance, there have been random genetic studies of the asian population and the majority meaning 90-95% have dna related as "other" meaning nonasian but this makes very little difference and certainly not enough to show any physical differences. There are very few individuals of 'pure' race. But that is really besides the point. What you are comprised of most is your racial base. As far as new genetic material? Ridiculous. There has ALWAYS been new genetic material. The chinese to the north have more russian genetic admixture because they intermingle with them more. Those to the west with the persians for example. But the asian race has been preserved just as caucasians, just as the africans. You have no idea what you are talking about or of because your view and knowledge of the world is very narrow and limited and it seems you refuse to learn. Should I feel sorry for you? Do you think its a genetic defect?
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2006
  16. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Geezz... I feel like I'm talking with a bunch of walls...
    One of which doesn't even know hot to differentiate a hypothesis from a theory. Like duh! Hypothesis don't have supporting evidence. Does anyone here know why the Big Bang hypothesis is a hypothesis and not a theory? :bugeye:

    Again... I'm amazed at so much ignorance at the same time. You can't even understand when someone write something so simple.

    Once all of you study some logic, history and evolution, I will reply. Meanwhile, I have better things to do then discuss with a bunch of people who can barely understand all the logic I'm throwing at them. :bugeye:

    Au revoir. This was enough time wasted.
  17. Renrue Someone Registered Senior Member


    If you want to end this, just say you were wrong and I was right. Then all your pains of ignorance will go away.

    Quite silly that you call us ignorant. A hypotheszis is an educated guess usually WITH supporting evidence. Even the hypothesis of the Big bang had supporting evidences, such as the movement of galaxies from a central point. You, however, just talk with you brain off.

    Also, you have studied ZERO history. ZERO! You blatantly said that Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese were alike. Have you even studied the writing of any of thsoe languages? Did you ever look up the history of the languages? Do you even know them!?

    You can toss out all the bugeyes emoticons you would like. It won't make you anymore credible than you were before.

    I'm glad this argument has ended and hopefully you keep your unresearched and biased thoughts to yourself. Also, to be a jerk and in hopes that you may respond again with your ignorant posts so I may shoot you down again...

    I win!

  18. squishysponge Registered Senior Member

    I dont know, I only read one or two of the posts, but maybe the part about asian people looking like monkeys?
  19. WhisperBlade Registered Senior Member

    A hypothesis is actually a scientific or an "EDUCATED" guess whereas your statements can find supporting foundation.

    Your "hypothesis" has no evidence. Therefore, we call it bullshit.
  20. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    It has plenty of evidence, all of which was completely overlooked and ignored. Just like the Big Bang theory correlates redshift with expansion I correlate diversity with genetic health. There's not only plenty of evidence, but it is also in perfect syntony with the theory of evolution. This is very, very obvious. You all seem too ignorant to even have the slight idea of what I'm talking about here.

  21. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Ok well,
    Even though this is slightly preliminary,
    Mathamaticlly the area of which we are assummably discussing in general is main land china as it carries the main percentage of population, of which it has the occurance of 14,819,512,445,337,600 event forces that can cause for alteration of the genetic code by one or two bases.
    The average person is subject to about 4,014,489,600 of those event forces effecting the genetics (DNA) in daily activity.
    A migrating person in china is subject to more of those event forces, the greater the migration area the greater the change of event forces on that person,Different event forces acting upon the dna.
    A child in migration is effected by the changes of event forces in greater magnitude that a adult, and genetic adaption/ change is more prevailent, this is because cell duplication is greater amoung adolescents that adults.
    Migration activity means a greater chance of a alteration of a single base or two bases in the dna sequence, it is increased in probablity by a greater occurnce of cell division/ duplication as it is subject to new event forces.
    The overall effect of event forces is deminsihed by the fact that the number of bases is limited to 4 bases. ( however this provides the stablity that defines the human race)
    The greatest changes would be in protien, or amnio acid sequenceing occuring out side of the cell nucelous. 232 bases to say 3,000 bases.

    To may former point, what I am saying abotu Asia is that they are not eating enough food, they may have a good diet even one of the most healtiest in the world, but they are not consuming enough food source, the use of rice as a staple in the diet is fooling the general population that they have consumed enough food material to sustain the body, And as a result of this Asian consume there own body mass to maintain, where in the body consumes the cells of the body to maintain survial.
    The human body operates best when consuming its own body material as opposed to food sources, however the body requires a exterior source of nurishment, after a certain point in consuming ones own body cells it becomes damaging to the human body where certain cell groups are eliminated as they have been consumed by the individuals body, much simular to the bodies function of exstacting calcium from the bone to maintain the heart.
    In general when a human weigh about 2 to 4 pounds it has all the cell of each group, and then growth occurs of those groups, however when a adult beings activiity such as heavy labor and there is not a adequate nurishement resource the body consumes cetain groups, depending on the individual and type of excretion/labor.
    This removal of certain groups reduces the cells secreated to the plasma which feed the materials to the germ cell which produce sperm cells. in general the germ cells are faily protected as they can produce new sperm cells from just about any avialable nuclitoids, but organs that are more active produce a greater number of such nuclitoids/ amino ect... that cause for greater production of a heart, liver ect... in the new sperm cells. it is for this reason that bodies consumption of its own body cells is benefical to the production of new offspring. where in a bad heart for example can under self consumption produce a good and healthy heart elminating past problems that existed in the male parent of the offspring.
    Food source are much more random in their supply of sources, out of balance, and therefore are more than likly to allow a gentic problem to continue when there nuclitoides are used directly by the germ cells.
    so normally a working male that produces his plasma from his body produces better offspring, than a male who eats and the plasma is a result of food product directly feed to the germs cells proiducing sperm cells.

    it would seem that asia is not eating enough food to maintain the body of the male, which allows effective production of offspring, as long as the cirumstance does not continue for exstened periods of time.
    As a male ages the celluar compents become thinned, and over a period of time the cell are consumed eliminateing groups of cells, and so it is at this point that the best gene producing group changes, it should be normally 29 to 40 years of age, but given the lack of food consumption of asians that groups falls to the 18 to 20s age group.
    Rice is the culprit of this effect because it causes the consumer of the meal of rice to think they have ate enough rice, or food when they have not eatten enough, this occurs as rice is bulky when cooked in water.
    A 200 pound asian on a rice diet needs to eat 6 pound of dry rice, add water if you like but the requirement would be 6 pounds dry rice.

    0.03 pound food dry weight per 1 pound body weight.

  22. iam Banned Banned


    You are just plain nuts...

    If I were to even remotely take you seriously, show even a shred of evidence.
  23. iam Banned Banned

    This ones for numbnuts #1, truthseeker.

    Evidently China is no "island." The result is tremendous genetic diversity.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2006

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