Inhibition of Leukemia by DDT


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<blockquote>I have been trying to find a paper by Dr. Charles Silinskas and Dr. Allan E. Okey, 1975, <b>"Inhibition of Leukemia by DDT"</b>, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 55 (Sept.), pp. 653-657, but have not been able to find it. It seems that the Journal does not have on the internet files that old.

Also there is the paper by Wayland J. Hayes, 1956, <b>"Effect of Known Repeated Oral Doses of DDT in Man"</B>, Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 162, pp. 890-97. that has proved to be hard to find. Any ideas?

I would also like to know if somebody have a way to getting a paper by <b>Dr. Edward R. Laws et al.</b>, <I>Archives of Environmental Health</I>, Vol. 15, pp. 766-775 (1967), and Vol. 23, pp. 181-184 (1971), about a epidemiological study (1200 year-man study) on the workers of the <b>Montrose</B> DDT factory in California, that found no cancer occurrences in these group of men. As Dr Laws stated: <b>"A statistically impossible event"</B>. According to further experimnents made by his team he found that rats fed with high doses of DDT did not get cancer when treated with carcinogenics, while the control group died from cancer.

Does somebody know where can I get these studies? Thanks very much for your help.