Impeach Xev?

Should Xev be impeached?

  • Yes Xev is not worthy of being a moderator (impeach Xex)

    Votes: 33 45.8%
  • Yes Xev is a wacko, but still a OK moderator (Do no impeach Xev)

    Votes: 20 27.8%
  • No Xev is alright as a person and moderator (Do not impeach Xev)

    Votes: 19 26.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Xev is... um... harsh? She is however usually able to defend her position, even if I completely disagree with it. People saying things which I consider to be wrong (Xev, Raithiere) and then backing them up with evidence is one of the reasons I like this place.

Unless someone can show me a place were Xev was unfair I see no reason to impeach her.
This was a direct abuse of her power. To make matters worse, she lied about it to Porfiry who for some inexplicable reason, sided with Xev.

...because she provided me with convincing evidence? How is that "inexplicable"?
I didn't say she was staying regardless. I said I would abide by the vote, and the vote has suggested that she's staying.
Well I (and many others) thought this thread should have been closed at the beginning and started over because the second choice has nothing to do with wanting to impeach her.
Maybe wcf missed some commas? "do, no, impeach xev"
eh, I guess its more likely that he missed a 't'.
LOL @ option #2:

Q: "Should Xev be impeached?"
A: "Yes Xev is a wacko, but still a OK moderator (Do no impeach Xev)"

Taken from the point of view of a new disinterested member, this is obviously an ambiguous option. The first half reads (adding punctuation) "Yes. Xev is a wacko." implying the desire to impeach Xev, and seeming like a less severe option to #1. The "Do no impeach Xev", although misspelled, implies the desire to keep Xev as a moderator.

While it's likely not a conspiracy, I think it's fair to say that some could have chosen #2 with the intention of having Xev impeached, either because they didn't fully read the option, or because they didn't fully understand it. The idiot-proof way of constructing options would have been a simple "Yes" or "No" option.

Nevertheless, I personally don't think all that really matters. If someone is dumb or oblivious enough to vote for something they don't really want, they deserve the consequences.

Long live Xev !!! :D
55 of the Scfi forum members do not consider her to be "good" moderator, of which 34 want her removed.

To the Admin: When such a huge number of members disapprove of her, what is the point of having her as a moderator. That's almost more than half of the active members.
There is a difference between not liking Xev as a person and not thinking she is fit to be moderator. Obviously there may be at least one person on Sciforums that just hates Xev because of her views and how she may treat a few, but that has nothing to do with how well she can moderate the forums. If she was fit to be a moderator, I am quite sure Porfiry would have noticed somewhere down the road between post number 1 to 8,300.
I think it as an issue that nneds to be adressed. Some of Xev's posts, according to some people, are not appropriate. I have to agree with some of this. I respect others' opinions, but there is a way in which they present it that can be unacceptable. I think that this forum already has too few mods and Xev should be fired and others should take on the job. There are many good people willing to do it, including me.
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