I'm VERY Sceptical about UFO's-it's ALL Rubbish!!!!


Well this is quite intriging, I must say that I am into a quite different form of physics but it was good to learn about the basics of soundwaves. Now I am a philsopher, so I would have to disagree with you and say instead that the fabric of the universe was made out of the energy of thought( and imagination).
Yours zygos
Simple men have complex thoughts

Though you may have posed your question with a smirk, i find it is a truly interesting one to explore.

Dave wrote,
"Could this ether be used as a medium for space travel?"

Hmmm...let me see now...when the church excommunicated Galileo and obligated him to sign an affidavit swearing that the sun revolved around a stationary earth--the earth was believed to be the center of the universe--, he signed it reluctantly but beneath his breath said, "et puro il muove!" ("and yet it moves," or something of that nature, which referred to his belief that the earth was not stationary but that it moved according to his observations and calculations).

Dave, have you studied the various effectual components relating to the phenomena of the performance of a magnet? Some scientists use the findings of the nature of such electromagnetic behavior to constitute proof of the existence of the ether. I tend to agree with them. "Et puro il muove!"

The previous poster has a point, you will agree. Yet, what he might not understand is that one must at times digress from the main topic in view of making deeper investigation of one or more individual component that makes up the whole comprising the main subject at hand. Wouldn't you say so?

PS: For our personal education:

Occam's Razor:
William of Occam (1284-1347) was an English philosopher and theologian. His work on knowledge, logic and scientific inquiry played a major role in the transition from medieval to modern thought. He based scientific knowledge on experience and self-evident truths, and on logical propositions resulting from those two sources. In his writings, Occam stressed the Aristotelian principle that entities must not be multiplied beyond what is necessary. This principle became known as Occam's Razor, a problem should be stated in its basic and simplest terms. In science, the simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem is the one that should be selected.

I fully agree with William (and with Aloysius with respect to basic simplicity :).

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You wrote:
"...the fabric of the universe was made out of the energy of thought( and imagination)."

This is extremely interesting. What is "thought"?

You say that the "fabric" etc... The word "fabric" implies material substance. Then you use the word "energy," again an association with matter, for "energy" is a visible manifestation only between tangible relationships.

By extension, if i believed that "thought" was immaterial and from the action or movement of "thought" we obtained material energy, then this corresponds perfectly with statements in most Holy Scripture where it is said that "out of nothing God created the heavens and all that liveth therein," (I'm paraphrasing).

Your comments?
I was actually being serious with my question...I just thought I'd open with some humour as to him "waiting for them to come back for me...??? "

If one opts for the ether theory, then you can speculate on using it.

Ok the reason I used thought is that it is one specific type of energy. It is the energy with a "camic". When you think a thought wheather it be "I want my mother to get better" or "Death is to come of you" you have a positivity or negetivity attached to it. And within my own beleifs I belive that if you want something, and then let it go flutter off in the cosmos it comes true. That's what I meant pretty much.
Yours Zygos
" Oh I wish I could see something so pretty as a negative influx)
You ask, "what is thought?"
It's words! And this is why it is so cool to be a person. Most beings don't have the wiring in their brains for words, so they end up being unconscious.
Words of course come in some very interesting way too, look at Helen Keller for example. Music. Dos.
For me the only part of the Bible I really believe is the first line, "In the beginning was the Word." And then the next word, and the next one, and the....Because if there were no words, nothing would ever happen. The universe would be still, because the silent recording of words expressing experiences was turned off.
Our own lives begin to open up when we start to learn words (all we parents treasure those memories of our toddler awake in the early morning happily going through the words he/she knows), and the more words we have, the more profound our experience.
Thanks for your explanation, Zycos. Very interesting. Sort of borders on that type of mental power exercised by fakirs, right? But how was the "fabric of the universe" made from this? Any more explanations?

2+2, i really like your explanation. "In the beginning was the Word..." yes, and then followed action. The question is, was this action tangible or intangible? Did the material universe really appear out of nothing? If so, how? If not, why not?

Words help us express inner experiences of whatever nature. But i suppose without action words really are meaningless. So, behind the words is a motive and this motive must be driven by will which puts the words into action to give them effectual meaning. Would you agree with this?

So, how did the world come into being through the Word?

To Boris and Dave;
I am new here, so bear with me. But I applaud your observations and views. 1st Please, don't get caught up in the spam it clogs the main topic of discovery just by giving valuable precious time, a non-negotiable commodity, to the crap, it's hard, I know, but just try to simply ignore the garbage. I too, am sick of the hucksters and crack-heads but, as my fifteen yr-old sez
Take a trip with me, if you will. Our solar system suspended on an arm, like a ferris wheel and the hub of our ferris wheel is also suspended on the arm of an even larger ferris wheel that has many arms like ours. These spinning ferris wheels are arranged somewhat chaotically to the simple observer along the ring of a hoola-hoop that is not perfectly circular, has irregularities. And that hoola-hoop is intertwined with MANY other hoola-hoops also irregular and FULL of just as many ferris wheels that are suspended on the arms of other ferris wheels suspended on the . . .
No other life in the Universe ? Yeah right, just us.

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first look at a pond ? You saw living things; probably, first, near the edge. Little shrimp like things or propulsion challenged tiny creatures that could only move one quarter-of-an-inch at a time. Then you noticed fish, dragonflies, mosquito larvae. That my freinds is our universe. It is teeming with life. In these many worlds thier exists something akin to insect-like technologic species that have no politics, and there are beings like us but better or at least more advanced, who weigh, balance, measure and explore. Amongst these they take many forms and shapes; carbon-based, silicon-based, energy-based. They may have exoskeletons or no skeletons at all. Any of you ever seen RODS? They are real, not electronic filterings of a cheaply made hand-held camera. As the commercial for XEROX goes; keep the conversation going. We will discover. The question is will we be ready for it ?
Actually, Erik, some of my best pals are rods. I have one special rod as a pet. I call him "Roddy". He is very sweet and pretends to be a pencil. Sometimes I take him out to the park to meet the goalposts. He thinks that's very funny.

Rods are kewl.
I have not yet seen the video footage of these Rods but I await my first viewing with great interest.

Apparently a TV crew has mounted an expedition to the cave in Mexico (I think it's Mexico)where these things have been filmed.
Al, How is "Roddy" ??!!

What the heck are you all talking about??!?!!
What is a rod ??

I've just managed to locate the source of my only knowledge about these rod things. I have simply copied what it says here so you, and anybody else who is not aware of this, can make your own mind up about it. The information is in the form of a write up on a presentation given by Jaime Maussan, the Mexican television personality and UFO reseacher in Leeds, England late in 1998. It reads as follows.

Another anomaly presented by Jaime concerned the 'Rods', strange creatures which surfaced during UFO activity filmed in New Mexico in 1994. After analysing the images frame by frame they were first thought to be insects, but on the 30th June 1998, while attending a conference in Denver, Colarado, Jaime saw a video tape taken in Mexico by a film crew for the Discovery Channel. They were not there to record 'rods' or UFOs, but the descent of a team of parachutists into a very large cave, some 400 metres deep.

Frame by frame analysis revealed 'invisible flying serpents' - anomolous creatures that have since been found on footage from Europe, Mexico, Canada, the USA and other countries.

As the lights dimmed in the auditorium, the hushed audience were treated to an assortment of amazing video images from several countries which captured these creatures in flight at 1/10,0000 shutter speed.

Jaime will be joining a team of scientists from the USA on 1st November 1999 to take part in a planned expedition to the cave to further study the phenomenon in depth......

I must admit that the still photos of these things look totally bizarre and like no insect Ive ever seen.

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I was watching a special on TLC
that showed video footage of these rods.
I have no idea what these rods are,
but perhaps it could be a new form
of animal. Could they be interdimensional?
I don't know. Let's not try to be hasty
be classifying them as aliens.