I was thinking...


<<...I think that is an acceptable response to the topic ...>>

I see you come by your handle honestly.

<<...Thanks Reign! For supporting me against the materialists...>>

Anti-Darwinists are easily indentified by their crutches.


You are trying to equate skeptical criticality with emotionalism.

Another mistake in reasoning on your part.

To your credit, I imagine you will eventually catch on.

Well gee, Mr. G...:rolleyes:

Now where was that sceptical criticality of yours again? Was it the crutches?

The only crutches that exist are those in your mind. I was just thanking a friend for his support in a humorous way.

Anti Darwinist? :confused: Expalin yourself!
And why should I, a total stranger to you, assume any responsibility or obligation for counteracting your inability to comprehend if you cannot do it on your own?

Another crutch the universe owes you because of your need?

1.) To be rationally informative and demonstrative.

2.) To hoist irrationality on its own petard.
When is a topic of course? What defines the boundaries of acceptable discussion?

Maybe there should be an appropriate -ism at the ending of each topic header so each demographic member knows whether he/she/it is invited to participate.

Mr. G, you seem to assume that "irrationalists" haven´t been at the level of cognitive perception that you accept as reality.
Using the attitude of a condenscending authority just serves as enforcing the computing of your junior cirquits.
I do think you are the one that needs catching up.
Yees, even in a Darwinian sense :D

I believe that gravitational fields are composed of matter that contains more energy than space but less energy than solid matter. When two gravitational particles meet, they tend to form one particle, thereby collapsing space. This effect is known as gravity. So in other words, gravitational fields do not have enough energy to be physical. And when they do have enough energy to be physical, they are no longer called gravitational fields; the are called matter.