Hypnosis or hypnonsense?

Matt D Skeptic

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Given that most accounts of "abductions" are recalled using regression analysis with leading questions asked at practically every stage, can this be valid proof that people are being abducted? I for one am sick of reading "there was a bright light and something was shoved up my bottom", believe me because I tell you to. If you don't then you a debunker and non-believer. You can read it all in my new book - the day I had you all".

Come on guys, what is it to be? yay or nay to this nonsense? Shouldn't there be a regulated manor in which confessions are extracted? A standard procedure for processing this. I understand, as a UFO (not necessarily the ETH kind)investigator, the bickering and in fighting between groups that goes on but....surely there has to be a standard way of assessing these things other than the "We found her first, she's our abductee" nonsense?

Why is it that most hypnonsense is conducted by specialists with mail order qualifications from americAn univeristies?

Poly graph tests from experienced ex-police people perhaps? There has to be a way. Something, subconscious - mass hysteria whatever is going on - not going on needs to be investigated. Hey, it is saturday and I am at work give me a break!!

You know it to be so
I look forward to a regulated UFO abductee board. It would be an absolute ball, reminiscent of the Monty Python 'Spanish Inquisition'.


Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
-Mark Twain
But nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Their main weapon is surprise and fear. Sorry, their 2 main weapons are surprise, fear and ruthless dedication to the Pope. No, their 3 main weapons are.........

You get the picture..?

You know it to be so
Hypnosis is plain unreliable.
I tried it many, many times on people
and that's how I came to my conclusions.
What I did with it had nothing to
do with ufos or aliens for that matter.

Please don't ask me for any explanation.
If you're looking for further conversation
on this topic, direct you questions
to Tuskin - he's the best at explaining