Hyperdynamic Flight and Space Travel

Erik Barrington

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I'd like to submit a category for the actual mechanics neccessary to achieve anti-grav and hyperdynamic flight. Debunk the theory that as you approach the speed of light mass gains mass resulting in an unbreakable barrier. To that I say hogwash. We can break the speed of light barrier and have to.

Gung-ho Erik!

I'll take a gallon of that hogwash to power my flying bathtub past the speed of light - please.

Hell, make it two gallons...
first of all, anti grav. : in order to construct an anti grav gizmo thing you must take a magnatized sphere of like posative energy, then around it pute 4 separate rings (different sizes) that are magnatized to negating have them spin around very fast then when they are going really really fast, you must move that sphere in some way, you bob it or somethingandn it will just spin gravety and make it all aroung so there is no only directed point of gravaty but a couple.

-i am also interested in otherpeoples ideas of intersteller flight, i have my own of course but still.

(my therories might be wrong, but i'm no physicist person, i havent evan finished 8th grade yet so dont piss me off if something i said was wrong


If the bright individual who first demonstrates the feasibility of a gravity device were to appear, I doubt very much if he or she would frequent BBS's averring "fuck you" to his critics.

Which kinda counts you out, doesn't it?
Good post, odd6. But we have to get this a little bit in perspective; just think about how long we've "understood" spacetime. It's less than one old man's long lifetime!

Pinning open wormhole throats with exotic matter, exploiting the geometry of reality...who knows what lies in store for the next old man who just now is being born?