How to move or vibrate the fire without touching it using only your fingers....

Jealous my mind has the ability to correlate to any mind except yours?

Victor please just type to me in espanol... I'll respond in english. This should solve both our problems.

Just surprised. I didn't think anyone else was as silly as victor.
I don't mind being silly as long as you don't mind being called "slow"...

Which is a factor that includes but is not limited to...

"the ability to grasp that which is just beyond someone's grasp"
Post 42 imagine that from a troll from the past. If I ever digress I'm sure you would stress. I pity the pest which is slow to regress, and I'll surely molest all that attest. In real life I'm just a simple
*blinks* uhm... wait... what? *re-reads thread* what just... what? *blinks again, then stares blankly*

I'm confused... so, his theory is that there is an invisible sphere around the flame that allows air to pass, but that you can grasp in your fingers and move to make the flame move?


I'm ... really not even sure where to begin with this one...

And then he goes on to posit that the same exists around the Sun, and is in fact what hides our solar system (or perhaps galaxy?) from the rest of the universe?