how quickly the fade away...


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anyone remeber that mystery invention 'Ginger' that was going to change the world?

You know, the one that some billionaire was working on and supposedly resembled a bicycle? They even had Bill Nye talking about it on 'TalkBalk Live.'

If that things was going to cahnge the world, how come we haven't heard a peep since? I mean, honestly, how quickly do these thing fade away??
how the heck was a stupid scooter supposed to change the world anyway? And where in the world did the name "Ginger" come in? "Better than the internet" - yeah right. Frankly, i'm glad it faded away.
Not much meat in the original topic. Without some conversation drift, you're right, it won't be around long.
I have been reading the "development to watch" section of Business Week for many years. I can not recall anything that developed, I can say, that Oh! I read it in BW....

I am still watching though....