How old are you?

37. Wow, that surprised me. Thought I was younger/older/whatever.

Can't help noticing you didn't give your age.
I joined sciforums in 2001, which makes me at least 15, I guess. Probably a bit older, given that I already knew how to write and stuff.
A couple of weeks ago I got an application in the mail for Old Age Pension. The government officially thinks I'm old.
My 62nd will be in about a month. I'm still 18, and 35, and 50... How does that all work?
61, but I only feel 60.

I had to edit that because I forgot how old I was. Not a good sign......
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Methinks darksidZz is collecting data for his thesis on grumpy old man syndrome.
Not pointing any fingers. Wouldn't do that.
Not saying "Y'know you've turned into a grumpy old man doncha?". Wouldn't do that either.
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I'm supposed to be born on April 5, 2063. But I've stepped on lots of butterflies and beetles in this era, and have probably messed-up the timeline.
Must we tell our birth age or can we choose based on age preference? In this brave new world I think it would be fun to alternate on a daily basis.
I don't know my date of birth because I was born in BANGLADESH :D that I feel but sometimes it seems over 100000 years or more cause of. :confused:W... Holes.