Holocaust ... and other forms of Denial

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Michael, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Oystein Registered Senior Member

    Holocaust deniers make me want to puke. Preferably on them.
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  3. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    Don't provide nutrients to the Nazi's.

    A minor paraphrase of an oldie, but a goodie.
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  5. Oystein Registered Senior Member

    I have a few concerns with the Israeli government and military, mainly their treatment of the Palestinians, but I deeply feel for what their people went thru before and during WWII. Horrible beyond understanding.
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  7. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    There's a sad but important truth of the world in there - which applies to the OP's (and second post) attempted denial of what did happen and is still to some degree happening to black people in the US: victimhood does not engender virtue.
  8. Oystein Registered Senior Member

    Yes. I'm a bit afraid that Netanyahu will be able to con our orange president into doing something really rash with Iran.
  9. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Wow, the Science denial never ends with you.

    On average, a well fed Taron Asian person, will be shorter than an average Dutch girl. ALL of the evidence suggests that due to genetics, GAAAASP!!!!.... Genetically, a Taron person lacks the GENETIC potential and will be shorter than a Dutch girl regardless of how well they are fed. Regardless of how clean their environment is.

    Simple enough?!?

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    It's not that hard... well, unless Progressive Socialism / Marxism / Authoritarian Statism is your religion. Then, yes. It's probably is a difficult concept to get your mind around. I mean, when "Because White" is main means of Virtue Signalling, it must suck to eat that lemon and have to say "Because DNA". Just doesn't roll off the tongue so well now does it?

    One more time:

    E. Asian IQ score in Britain – UKCAT scores (PDF).

    White British......101.1....................100.2.........................101.3
    White Irish..........101.3...................100.0..........................99.8

    Must be the magic lead.... LOL

    I'm still waiting to hear how White People are causing E. Asians in Britain to have higher IQ scores..... Ones that somehow end up matching up nearly IDENTICALLY with E. Asians in Asia.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
  10. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Do you have evidence of a significant influence of White Racism on Black People (whatever 'on Black People' means) in the USA?

    Let's SEE the data iceaura.

    What is the percent 'influence' you're claiming?
    Assuming '100' is total Human Slavery and '0' is no effect at all - none, I maintain the evidence suggests ZERO is the effect of White Racism "on Black People".

    Which is what we do in Science iceaura. We start by suggesting there's no effect and then we run an experiment or gather CONTROLLED evidence to see if there is an effect.
    DO you have evidence to support your claim?

    Here's the controls we will need to see too:
    1. The effect of genetics
    2. The effect of hitting children / corpral punishment as a parenting 'technique' on IQ (15 - 50%).
    3. The effect of Black on White racism.
    4. The effect of Government 'education' on IQ (15 - 50%).
    5. The effect of being taught Socialism.
    6. The effect of being taught Race Theory.
    7. The effect of regulatory-capture.

    Once these are factored in, you'll find the answer you're looking for is 'Statistically INSIGNIFICANT'.

    The effect 'White Racism' has will be statistically insignificant, which is to say, no significant effect at all. None.

    How do we know this? Because the White Patriarchy and White Racism haven't stopped Yellow People from making 20,000 MORE than the White's that are supposedly 'holding them down'.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
  11. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    If Michelle Obama told me she was a White People, I'd take her at her word. I'd think: Okay, you're a White People.

    So, categorically, you're wrong. See? That's how it works. One Black Swan disproves your premise. Perhaps you have some statistics on the number of people YOU have assumed were Black, who decided they were White, and were NOT considered (legally or otherwise) White?

    I'd LOOOOOVE to see the data.

    Do you have some data to back up another one of your claims?
  12. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    And that would make absolutely no difference to her racial status in the US. The world does not revolve around your goofball whims.
    Genetically low height populations exist, genetically defined - including described mechanism, specific influence of specific genes shared by a genetically defined breeding population.

    So do genetically low IQ people - the Down's syndrome afflicted, among others. So it's quite possible that isolated and insular breeding populations of genetically low intelligence people exist somewhere, although much less likely than the rare and few low height populations because low intelligence is crippling.

    So we have here one of two claims: 1) slavery never existed in the US 2) its legacy is invisible today - it had no lasting effects on the racial structure of US society, and in particular white people's treatment of black people in the US, that we can see now.

    Interestingly, this coupling of Holocaust (and its consequences) denial with US slavery (and its consequences) denial has had a recent resurgence, in the wake of Trump's campaign and election - the latest step in the continuing rise of fascism, significantly and crucially based on racial division in the US.
    Do you agree that your entire argument - the OP two posts and everything that follows from them - depends on that being physically, scientifically, true?

    You are denying any significant influence of white racism against black people in the US, and if you are wrong your entire political worldview is a fantasy built on error. Agreed?
  13. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Not 'So'.
    White People have a lower IQ than Yellow People on the spatial reasoning subsection of any standardized test (IQ test or otherwise). This helps to explain why Yellow People make 20,000 more a year than Whites and why Yellow people are over represented in higher education. It's not a coincidence that Yellow People have a higher IQ score, which just so happens to BE the CRITERIA for entry into higher education and thus into the Progressive Socialistic hyper-regulated markets as a Rent-Seeker.

    So, I do agree, the systems built by the White People do discriminate - they do so against low IQ people, including the White Peoples.

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    See how this is coming together? This also explains why most poor people, are low IQ White People.

    Do you have the data yes or no?

    Oh, that would be no. No you do not have any good scientific data to back up your conclusion. Then you have no argument. It really is that simple. Either provide some scientific evidence to back up your claims, or accept that your argument is weak (at best), possibly spurious.

    I provided good evidence to back up my argument.

    That's the difference. What you're doing is NOT science. In fact, you're weaseling around the scientific evidence and using casual skepticism in the same manner as a climate denier. You may be correct, but you have ZERO data to make a counter-argument. Whereas, there are tons and tons of studies from all over the world that are in agreement with IQ determining economic outcome in highly industrialized societies (let alone our post-industrial societies where there's even more need of high-end cognitive ability to achieve success) and that potential IQ is, for the most part, genetic.

    You're a conspiracy theorist iceaura. This big fat "Because White" is just that, a conspiracy. What next? Aliens? The White People are in reality Lizard People?

    White People (primarily Christians) fought and died to end Slavery and FREED black and white Slaves. The number of Slave Owners were minuscule - and get this, included Black People iceaura. White People elected a (subjectively identified) Black People as POTUS.


    Given the historical precedence, White People seem to be the least 'Racist' of all the People. Possibly a lot less racist than Yellow or Black people. They build systems that are so non-racist, that WHITE people do WORSE in them, compared to other minorities.

    Why is that? Because they're based on IQ. A gift given to us by the Progressive Socialist twats of the last century as a means of rent-seeking.

    YOU made the claim, YOU provide the data. Do you have ANY data? ANY data at all to back up your claim? Surely there's a freaken paper out there somewhere to back up "THE Narrative".

    Here's how it works, the person who claims Drug Z cures cancer must provide the evidence for this claim. No one is 'denying' that Drug Z cures cancer. Pointing out that there's ZERO controlled data to back up the claim allows other people to postulate the null as being true. In this case, the null is Drug Z has NO EFFECT. The NULL is the DEFAULT.

    I am claiming the null. White Racism has no significant effect. Until you provide CONTROLLED data (good contemporary evidence) then the NULL remains the default defacto position. That's how the Scientific Method works iceaura. FURTHER still, I have provided data showing IQ is mostly genetic (50 - 85%) and IQ predicts behaviors that lead to jail and poverty and prosperity. This explains socioeconomic outcome.

    Your "Race Theory" is in fact making things worse for the very same people you purport to want to see live better lives. How ironic. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you just like the dopamine high you get off Virtue Signalling? That in the real world Race Theory and The Narrative are destroying communities and making the problems of low IQ - that much worse!

    Clues to a better future:
    Work towards.....
    1. Ending the Fed
    2. Ending Government Welfare
    3. Ending Government Schools (close the DoED)

    Return to....
    1. Free-markets
    2. Sound money
    3. Common law

    And, to get the most out of what potential each child, through no vice or virtue of their own, has - peacefully parent (and no, Government paid for week 6 day supervision facility is not that, sorry if that doesn't sit well with your life plans, then don't have children).

    Simple really, once you let the Science do the talking

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    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  14. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

  15. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    All of the stuff about yellow people and IQ is completely irrelevant to the topic, which is your attempted denial of the influence of 250 years of white racism on black people in the US.
    Conspiracies don't exist? Or is it just this one -

    that the white racism established by a hundred years of plantation slavery and another hundred years of Jim Crow and related oppressions has afflicted US society to this day, and especially harmed and is harming the black people that were its major targets

    - that never existed?
    No, they didn't fight and die to free white slaves, and no the number of slave owners was not at all miniscule. What is it with you and historical fact? You always get it wrong - far more often than if you were flipping coins, even.

    Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of white Christians who fought and died to keep slavery, and when they lost went far out of their way to keep racial oppression and as many of the powers of slavery as they could, strongly influenced the society and government of the US to this day.
    Redlining and housing segregation, segregation of public services and facilities, lynching and street violence, abuse by the police and all other authorities, and so forth, were none of them based on IQ tests. The systems built by white people in the US were overwhelmingly racist against black people, and still are to a significant degree.

    And this you simply deny, much as people deny the Holocaust.

    Agreed? or not? - that was the question, it has nothing to do with data.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  16. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Actually it quite clearly explains the socioeconomic data for each of your color-based 'Race' categories. The highest IQ people (Yellow People), make the most money, followed by the White People category and etc....

    Yellow People make more, White People make less.

    Have you provided some data yet? No? Okay, then for now, there is no good evidence presented by you, to back up your claim, thus, there is no data set that is controlled for, that demonstrated there is ANY significant influence of ANY form of racism for ANY length of time.

    Until you do, it's just that, a weak claim. That's how 'Science' works iceaura.

    You seem to think you're claim is self-evident, okay, provide data. I did. And it clearly demonstrates IQ (which is 50 - 85% genetics) explains current socioeconomic stratification in the USA. It's why the Yellow People minority make more then White People majority. It's why Whites make up the largest 'Race' of people living in poverty. See, it's not actually race, but IQ.

    In Summary: DO you have any data to back up your assertion? Because I do and presented it. Thus, my argument is based on published science. You are therefor, by definition, the science denier. It really is that simple.

    Note: One wonders why you draw the cut-off at 250 in the USA? Why not extend this back into Africa, you know, Black on Black Slavery for 8000 years. Historically, it appears White Americans not only ENDED Slavery, but didn't really practice it very long. Or perhaps you would like to go back further, maybe there was an earlier hominid that practiced Slavery. Who knows? No one knows. Maybe there's a Speciesist out there claiming such and such hominid is the reason. Guess what? Their argument would be as weak as your argument.

    So, all we really know, is you have yet to provide any good evidence (controlled for) to back up your claim.
  17. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Incidentally, though the data has not been gathered, it may be that Igbo Nigerian people, have a higher than 100 IQ. Maybe the same as E. Asians. Or not. Let's hope so. It would be really great to watch as Black Africans move to the USA, out-compete White Peoples, and move up to the same level as Yellow People to match their income level to their IQ level. Which, by all accounts, is extremely reasonable to expect. Only a Public "Servant", or someone working in a Government Funded School/University (same difference) would consider turning down quality labor, goods or services - based on race. It simply doesn't happen to a level to be significant. No way. No one looks at their shoes, iPhone or TV and thinks, oh, this was made by a Black or Yellow People, I don't want it. Likewise for purchasing other things, including labor.

    Another Collectivist paradigm is found to be a steaming pile of Marxist bull-poop

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    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  18. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    The highest IQ people are dirt poor and famous for dying in famines caused by their miserably inept and evil government, actually.
    No, they don't. Only in the US, and a couple of other places.
    You are denying the significant influence of white racism on black people in the US. If you are wrong about that, all your claims are junk - agreed? Yes, or no.
    Or hundreds of millions of people living in the US under segregation and its aftermath.
    As they are a source of much of the genetics in the US black population, as well as centrally part of the African population whose economic backwardness is explained by their low IQ in your fantasy world, that would present certain difficulties for you. The fact that "the data have not been gathered" already does.
    It would not affect my claims at all.
    Nobody who has been following my posting here would have any difficulty recognizing a reasonable choice for the start date of the influence of white racism on black people in the US.
    You are correct that US white racism against US black people is fairly recent - not much older than the country itself, the last two or three centuries at most. If one reads a bit of history, it appears that its modern and extremely virulent, damaging form was a creation of the plantation slavery of the Americas, and even the modern races themselves did not exist until quite recently - the Catholic Irish and Italians, a major component in the US, weren't added to the "white" race until the mid-1800s; the caucasoid Jews are still in limbo.
    You don't know what my assertions are. Your data do not back up your claims.
    Your argument is garbage, because you can't handle basic genetics or statistics, mentally. This may be an IQ problem, or some other mental defect - no way to tell. But you obviously aren't willing to do anything about it, so why should we bother?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  19. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps very high IQ (>145). I don't doubt that. In my experience, they also don't have children.

    That has nothing to do with the monetary value offered by people with IQ: 65, 85, 100, 115, or 125. In a modern industrial or post-industrial society, high IQ is rewarded with high pay. People with an IQ of 115 will have an easier time finding high paid work (and will have the disposition to start their own business) when compared with a person of IQ 85.

    It isn't that a person with IQ of 85 has nothing of economic value to sell, they do, usually labor. But thanks to Progressive Socialism, most of their jobs exist in China. Further, Progressive Socialism in the form of hyper-regulation and rent-seeking licencing together with income tax further remove the opportunity of low IQ people to make any money in a high IQ valued society. It may take an IQ of 140 to perform the calculation to send a rocket to mars and back, it's doesn't take a an IQ above 85 to grill chili lime BBQ chicken and sell it. Progressive Socialism SPECIFICALLY destroys the livelihood of low IQ people. It's built into the Socialist's System. While unnoticeable in monocultureal Sweden and Japan, (particularly because regression to the meann hides this fact generation after generation) it will be noticed in multicultureal nations and lead to "Race Theory" and other idiotic conspiracies like "White Privilege". This WILL become noticeable in multicultural Sweden as you will see - and as has happened in the USA.

    Socialists 'fix' the inherent problems of their system with even worse 'solutions' (see: Government schools, Welfare Ghettos, etc....)

    You pretending what is in fact true, is not true, is not helping. But, that's what Socialists do. I sort of wonder. Have you even lived in one of these Progressive Socialist paradises iceaura? Have you? I'm not talking visited as a highly paid prof or consultant, but lived in. Because you remind me of someone who once read the Communist Manifesto and thought: That sounds good, without actually going to the USSA or China or Cuba and see the way it works in practice.

    Socialism in multicultural nations - doesn't work. Not only is it INHERENTLY immoral, but it doesn't work the way you think it does. It's disincentives inventiveness and entrenches power strucutres which become games to be played (and won, often by high IQ people who then pick a few other high IQ minorities (or low when they want a pawn) and place them under their control for show). Socialistic Systems particularly fail when there's no resource boom or property bubble to prompt up all the socialistic bullsh*t. This leads to the importation of MILLIONS of low IQ immigrants in an attempt to keep the Socialistic System from completely collapsing and eliminating the cherished 6 figure pensions most Socialists hope to retire on.

    I personally don't think it works well in monocultureal nations either, but the system can continue with a mix of free-market as well as the cheaper way socialism can be implemented. Even Japanese working in NZ where known to be the most honest compared to any other national when performing just about any form of labor you could think of, farming, dishes, etc... Of course Japan is filled with Japanese, so, don't look at Japan and think gee Socialism works there, it'll work here. It works modestly in Japan and will NEVER work in the USA to the same degree.


    Quite the opposite in fact.

    No they don't.
    Yes they do.


    Yes, they do.

    Until presented controlled data that demonstrates otherwise, all of the good evidence suggests there is no statistically significant evidence of white racism having an effect on Yellow or Black People in the USA.

    Do you have some good controlled evidence suggesting otherwise?

    Oh, you have some evidence of the average IQ for igbo people?

    Or are you just being snarky in your attempts to deny science? I said, I would LOVE it if Igbo People had higher than average IQ (110 would be great) and that I expect they would easily out-compete Whites in the USA if that is the case. It may not be the case, and if not, then that's just the way things are.

    And don't worry, by the end of this century, this point will be mute. There will not be any low IQ people living in post-industrial nations as GMO humans will probably be a regulatory standard enforced by Nation States.

    You've done a lot of virtue signalling, not much posting good evidence. Where is your controlled data?

    I didn't claim anything. I posted study after study (Nature Genetics for example) demonstrating IQ and disposition is mostly genetic.

    Yes, the magic Lead Theory that somehow magically makes the spatial subsection of a British intelligence test lift for E. Asians - to the level equivalent of that in air polluted, noisy, lead tainted god knows whats in the water China.

    So? DO you have a controlled study? If not, then all good evidence suggests the for people living in the USA, their socioeconomic status is to a large extend dependent on their genetics as it pertains to IQ.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  20. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    No - the people you point to as having genetically high IQs, 100 - 105.
    That's obviously contradicted by your other posting, where you point to the very high IQ levels featured by quite low paid and poorly governed populations.
    No, they don't. You always post fiction, instead of fact - why is that?
    Of course not. I don't need anything like that. You said you did - you posted quotes from Arthur Jensen and Richard Lynn, you made all kinds of unsupported claims about black people's genetic IQ, specifically involving that region of Africa. Now you have a problem - it turns out my observation that none of your data supports your argument now has an actual example of conflict, found and posted by you of course (as usual).
    You claimed that necessarily ("thus") explained the IQ differences and economic differences between populations. That's dumb and wrong.
    My claim is that no adequate studies of this kind exist. I don't have any, you don't have any.
    Whenever you're done drawing invalid conclusions from irrelevant data, the topic of your OP denial is still sitting there - you are still denying the influence of white racism on black people in the US.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
  21. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    You're all over the place.
    YOU said 'the highest IQ' are dirt poor. So, argue with yourself, I simply said maybe you're right. Genius is above 140. I said A high IQ person with 115-135 is more likely to make more than a person with IQ 65 - 85. I also said IQ is 50 - 85% genetic.

    If you want to disagree with the genetic percent, okay, what range do YOU think genetics play? Obviously our genes build our brains DIFFERENTLY just like everything else in our bodies. So, what percent of IQ is due to genetics in your opinion? Do you have data to back that percentage up (as I provided).

    If you agree with the percentage, and think environment is what causes IQ differences between what YOU claim to be races of people - and you have no good data indicating percentage contribution, I must wonder WHY you believe in Race Theory and extrapolate from this that White Racism is to blame for the measured lower IQ AND the lower socioeconomic outcomes?

    Who believes something like this, without data to back it up? IMO it seems only a racist. You take all of the agency from Black People, you blame innocent White People, and you think this is HELPFUL? Seriously? You're probably helping higher IQ Blacks - sure, they don't need the help, but WTF, it feels good to virtue signal. As for the low IQ Blacks and Whites, oh well, they can fight it out amongst themselves in their Government Welfare slums.

    As someone who lived in both a Government Welfare trailer park as well as a dump city / Flint, I cannot help but wonder how I would have directed my activities in life if I had been told my entire life White People were out to harm me, or Yellow or Red or Black. Thankfully I wasn't. I didn't really think anything about race. And for a lot people, particularly poor White and Black in Flint, they don't either. The 'Race War', like all wars, are formulated by the elite, hangers on, well-off and watered by their daily boredom and need for meaning. Something poor people rarely have to worry about.


    Which ones? The Japanese, Koreans or Chinese? The Chinese, being Communists (The most Progressive of the Authoritarian Socialists) like to use State Testing to ensure people are 'fairly' placed into various positions of power. This catapults people with high IQ over those with low IQ. As a matter of fact, this is one of the Socialists Systems: Testing into your place in society. But, of course, regardless of IQ, extreme socialism is an economic failure because it's not possible to feed people well without a price mechanism. Not due to greed mind you. Just to know how much of what there is and who needs it the most. Which is why I have suggested ANY society be based on free-markets, sound money and law.

    IQ doesn't preclude having an interesting idea or being able to provide a meaningful service. IQ is associated with motivation. These are things we should seriously consider, not sweep under the rug. Because right now, our Progressive Socialistic Nation State and it's Authoritarian Systems discriminate against people of any color with low IQ.

    A lower IQ society (100) based on free-markets (free people); sound money (market derived) and common law will easily out compete a higher IQ society where they rely on Authoritarianism / Socialism.

    Published in Intelligence; PDF: Intelligence and socioeconomic success: A meta-analytic review of longitudinal research
    Book [PDF] Income Inequality and Intelligence by Charles Murray

    I said I would like it if we found that Igbo People on average had a higher IQ than White People, at a level around the same as Yellow People. Then we can watch your Race Theory implode. This may turn out to be the case.

    As for Black People having a lower IQ than White People, we can answer that question when you explain how E. Asians living in Britain score 100, 110, 115 whereas White People living in Britain scored 100, 100, 100.

    It's not wrong and does easily explain the differences. Yellow People have a higher IQ than White People, and they make 20,000 more a year than White People.

    Not a single controlled study has investigated Race Theory in the USA? And yet we somehow have THE Narrative. Not to mention a near hysterics around 'White Privilege'. And yet, NO DATA.

    Isn't THAT convenient.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
  22. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    You posted the IQ data on the Chinese and other Asians, I observed that they are dirt poor and poorly governed and have been for hundreds of years now. What's your objection?
    Now you are denying the existence of the sociological races in the US, inventing something you call "Race Theory", and apparently missing the fact that a lack of data indicating percentage contributions of known environmental factors is a major support of my argument.
    Not a single population level IQ study has controlled for the major known environmental factors affecting IQ, including the effects of white racism on black people.
    It's dumb and wrong.
    You keep posting that like it's relevant, which is dumb and wrong.

    The issue is your denial of the effects of white racism on black people in the US. To remind you of one aspect: dozens of known negative influences on IQ and socioeconomic status, both, are visibly biased by US white racism to afflict US black people disproportionately - from developmental toxin exposure to stereotype bias in testing, from prenatal care to teacher quality, from infectious disease to accumulated wealth. None of your IQ data controls for any of them on a population level.
    Lack of relevant data is one of my major items of evidence.
  23. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Please! I said no CT!

    Lack of evidence for Lizard people................... IS MY EVIDENCE!!!


    Here's what we have evidence for:
    1. Twin studies demonstrate that between 50 - 85% of a person's IQ score is determined by an individuals genetics.
    2. Chinese cities are very polluted.
    3. Chinese on average have a higher IQ than the average IQ of White Americans and White Europeans.
    4. Yellow People living in the USA make 20,000 more a year than White People in the USA.
    5. Yellow People score higher on tests of spatial reasoning, but not verbal reasoning.
    6. People with IQ scores of 115 - 125 are more likely to earn more than people with IQ scores of 65 - 85 in modern industrial or post-industrial societies.

    Here's what we do not have evidence for:
    1. White Racism 'has a significant effect on Yellow People's income'.
    2. White Racism 'has a significant effect on Black People's income'.
    3. White Racism 'has a significant effect on Yellow People's IQ'.
    4. White Racism 'has a significant effect on Black People's IQ'.
    5. The existence of a 'White Patriarchy' secretly holding up Yellow People.
    6. Lizard People.

    Oh, we can agree to something else

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    It seems, you may be right on something. I know, shocking huh? Apparently, the youngest Generation, Generation Z, are the most conservative in nearly 100 years. So, if the Baby's, Gen X and Millennials don't hurry up and get B.Sanders elected - if he could be bothered to leave his nice upper middle class lakeside pool, in his all White People neighborhood (though I do hear he pops up on groundhogs day to race-bait), then geeee, we may end up with Alt Right, all the waaaaaaaaaay down (under them are the Turtles, and if you go down further.... Lizard People).


    Summary: Race Theory and its concepts of White Privilege and White Patriarchy are as of now: completely unsupported by ANY good evidence and for all we know, totally made up by sociologists to justify their position at University - where they can safely never come in contact with free people and thus not need to provide value for money. Speaking of which, once you destroy 'money' (one of the three principle pillars of civilization) you destroy the ability to turn subjective experience, into a unit of value and end up with people believing nonsense like 'Social' Justice. Ironically, making it IMPOSSIBLE to move past another of humans nonsensical ideas: RACE. No wonder Socialists love fiat currency, it's the means by which society is primed to 'buy' into their bullsh#t

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    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017

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