Hey what happened to Avatar?

It was Oli I was thinking about earlier. I found the thread http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?t=94697

Did he ever come back?

The Ententeich took him.

I sort of think he's dyslexic, so his brain scrambles the words consistently...some dyslexics do that. Meaning he'd have to work really hard to spell right, and it would not be any fun to post any more.
(Dyslexics, untie!)
Some dyslexics scramble randomly, the way I randomly transpose numbers. I think Mi-key does that.

OTOH C H might be a sock. Dunno. He doesn't troll, so no matter.
I found CluelessHusband at a different science forum...and the one thread of his I found and skimmed he was getting yelled at for misspelling.

He said he can spell right, it just, and I quote : "takes all the fun out of it for me." So either it's an effort...or he just really enjoys that sock.

It's a sad day when you can't be weird on the interwebs.:bawl:
He is cute. A good kid too. Probably busy being a lawyer or something.

Hi, everyone!
Sort of stumbled on this old thread while searching for something.

I'm married now and living a good life with less time spent on the Internet.
Picture of my wife Tala from yesterday. :)

Om namah Shivaya!