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Continual vs. continuous.

What difference?
What is difference between continual and continuous?
Continual improvement means that the approach is repeated and has pauses in between repetitions. ... Whereas a continuous improvement approach does not stop, it is an uninterrupted flow. A continuous approach is one that will constantly look to make improvements, it is a sustained process of development.
What is the difference between continuous and continual ...
Normally vs. normatively, what's the difference?
Normal - according to rules or standards -
Normative - pertaining to what one considers the norm to be, and how to achieve it.

E.g. "Saint should look up definitions himself" is a normative statement - it's setting out what ought to be (whether it is achieved or not), what one thinks should be the normal.
The normal, however, (the expectation, the most frequent outcome) is that Saint does not look up the definition himself.
Tomorrow you and I/me will play football at 5pm in school's field.

me or I ?

"I". The way to tell is to leave out the "you" and see what sound right. "Tomorrow me will play football" doesn't sound right therefore it's "I", you and I.