hello, check my site, i maked it for sciforums, for a chat room, with some additional


well, i try not to spam, but, how am i spamming? i make a topic, a science topic, and advantially, they tell me spammer!
Are we getting a discount if we book tickets to Tunisia through your website? I want at least 20%!!!!

so, guess what? now my site have a domain name, and i got it for free! now it's mixert.tk, also you can enter to mixert.webs.com, and you can connect to facebook, twetter, and others... from it, also you can chat in it just like in Facebook, also you can find some arcads, and i'm still going to add some good videos, and section to download video games, and another one for movies and films, :D, but it will take some time to fill it,


or mixert.webs.com if you wanted to chat like on Facebook, and to connect to Facebook and Twitter and similar sites chat, by the chat bar in the bottom of the page, you can also share pages
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Shadow. How many people have joined this site of yours?

i know it still stupid, i'm still going to add many videos, and alot more arcads, also i'm going to add sections to download movies, video games, programs, also i'm going to make a news section, and a small section for the tech and the envirement news, also i'm going to unlock the forums section, and improve the chatroom, so for now, i have 9 memebrs, :D

That site sucks, I'm not registering to get to chat fuck that

haha, ok, i know it sucks, i still didnt fill it, read my post that i post it to Captain Kremmen, you'll see things that i'm still adding, and still didnt unlock them, so you can't see almost nothing for now, :D