Halatosis, My old friend, You've come to visit me again....


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I've noticed that a few people at my school have horendously bad breath, and not on just one occasion. I mean constantly. Souldn't there be a Federal Bureau of Bad Breath Investigation that freely distributes gum and mints to these poor individuals who suffer this condition daily??? I think the worst part of it is that they don't notice it and no one wants to tell them for the sake of being rude.
they need to start with an internal cleansing, and that would begin with the liver; keep the liver clean and the skin as well as the breath would be squeaky clean and fresh! this is true.
I'm not complaining, I just feel sorry for them because nowadays, no one wants to be rude and they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
but....speaking of oders....this smelly guy just sat down next to me..uuughhh....i think body oders (below the mouth, that is) are mmmmmmmmuuuuuch worse by far than bad breath. man, this guy needs a bath. he smells like something the cat AND dog drug in. :mad:
There is a song by this guy named Del the Funky Homosapien called, "If You Must". I'll try to find the lyrics.
I was skimming channels on TV once and came across a Call-in Live show on MTV, and someone called in about bad breath, and the doctor said that it's often caused by a certain kind of bacteria or something that starts growing on the back of the tongue. And if you buy and use a tongue-scraper to scrape it off once or twice a day, combined with brushing and flossing and gargling etc, it can really help. I just did a quick search over google and this is the first link listed that sells tongue scrapers -- they don't co$t much:


The doctor said you can use a spoon turned upside-down as a tongue scraper, just make sure to wash the spoon after each use and not use it for anything else. Also he said that with some people bad breath is caused by not flossing daily, and food particles remain stuck between the teeth that then begin smelling. And with others, it's caused by stomach gasses escaping up your throat or something like that. He also said that if you use 3% hydrogen peroxide (which is available at most grocery and retail stores) mixed with an equal amount of water as a gargle, along with brushing your teeth, flossing, and mouthwash after each meal, it can really help. Just don't use the hydrogen peroxide straight without mixing it with an equal amount of water because he said that it can start damaging your gums pretty bad eventually.

I would say that most people with persistent bad breath realize that they have it, but they just don't know what to do about it and are too embarrassed to ask anyone about it. And giving them a mint or gum isn't a solution in the longrun. If the students with bad breath at your school bother you that much, you might write them a considerately-put anonymous note with the above information in it and slip it into their locker or whatever. Just be nice about it, as nice as you'd want someone to be with you about it if you were the one with bad breath. And if you want to make sure they can't trace your handwriting or whatever i suppose you could just print out the above info.
nah i disagree with punkin. hehe.. sorry. mostly because my b/f drinks like a fish and unless he's using a substance, he breath doesn't smell bad. (in other words, if he were smoking, his breath smells like weed.. beer for beer, etc.)

also with what you say and the amount of water i drink i should be cindy crawford by now. :p

edit: or maybe nikki taylor.. she's pretty when it comes to the beauty models.. wait no... who's a pretty red head.. can't think of one off the top of my head..
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No one said there was anything wrong with having weed-breath. Unless you're around cops.
boyfriend's liver

that just means he has a very healthy, strong liver(good genes) ...but, if he keeps on abusing it like that...give it time. it will rebel...and, yeah, his breath and body will begin giving off funky oders and his skin will lose its sparkle and vitality. the liver is the master cleanser of the whole body. keep the liver clean and healthy and it in return will keep you clean-looking and healthy.
lose his vitality. -laughs- im really waiitng for that. he is 21 and a couple months ago he got pulled over beuase the cop thought he was too young to have a liscence. how often does THAT happen?
ohohoh!! i found pretty red head model. k.. im going to buy an endless supply of dasani, and attatched it to a straw, so that i can drink it constantly 24/7.. and.. in six months.. i will look like...

.................... Angie Everheart

well, cripes!! he's not going to be 21 forever, you know. unless you are living in that one place called never never land. you know...that country right next to la la land.:D
Yeah, bad breath is a bummer definitely. Since I've been sick my breath has been awful enough to not only be smelt with absolutely no effort but horrible enough to cringe and shiver and squint my eyes. I've been sick on a saturday goddamnit, lucky me the symptoms only started appearing at three in the morning...as you might imagine I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom.

But I have noticed bad breath but I don't think it's getting any worse, at least locally. Mac I hope you're not talking about me....?
Well...you could chew some gum, drink water, etc to constantly keep your mouth and throat moist. And oh, you can also LIGHTLY sweep the back of your tongue to get rid of the microscopic gunk there. Drink plenty of fluids during the day, preferably water (or you'll end up taking in enough calories to feed an elephant).