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Let's exchange impressions, insights and easthetics, let's talk haiku.
A haiku is a japanese form of verse and follows the followng rule: first sentence has five syllables, the second seven, the third has five syllables again. And that's it. Very Zen. ;)

from http://www.toyomasu.com/haiku/
Modern Haiku.
The history of the modern haiku dates from Masaoka Shiki's reform, begun in 1892, which established haiku as a new independent poetic form. Shiki's reform did not change two traditional elements of haiku: the division of 17 syllables into three groups of 5, 7, and 5 syllables and the inclusion of a seasonal theme.
Kawahigashi Hekigoto carried Shiki's reform further with two proposals:

Haiku would be truer to reality if there were no center of interest in it.
The importance of the poet's first impression, just as it was, of subjects taken
from daily life, and of local colour to create freshness.
Do a google search on "haiku" if you want to know more.

Here is one by me, translated from dutch of course,

The evening bird sings
under a briefly lit sky.
Rolling rumbles roar.
My computer sucks,
It's slow and pure misery,
I want a new one.
Adam, what keeps you
from purchasing a new one-
Have you no money?

How about this one by Butthead:

Huh huh huh-huh ha
Huh-huh huh huh-huh huh huh
Ha huh huh-huh huh.
I'm a full time student,
No time for work, and no money,
So I'm stuck with this.
Nerd haiku!

Back in the 1200s, samuri spent their time duelling in defense of their respective schools and composing haiku about cherry blossums. Now, in the 00s, nerds spend their time flaming in defense of their respective operating systems and composing haiku about nerdy things.

Here are a few:

My favorite is:

Windows 98 crashed
I am the blue screen of death
No-one hears your screams

Am out of coffee
Put more water on to boil
Coffee elixer of life

It is friday night
Listen to techno and code
Nerd in paradise

Star Trek vs. Bab 5
Opera vs. Mozilla
The stuff of flamewars

Chaos, disruption
The newsgroup is invaded
Do not feed the troll

I know how that feels:
been there, done that, could not buy
the t-shirt. It s*cks.

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"Chaos, disruption
The newsgroup is invaded
Do not feed the troll"

Hahaha very good!