Guess who is this?

Here you go:
You are kidding!
It was one of my first thoughts but the photo and his, erm, later appearance didn't jibe.

Naughty Enmos, using him as your avatar.
Wayne Pygram!!!!

Lol, I never thought he's the guy on Enmos' avatar :bugeye:

Pim fortyin

Correct !

Well done! I googled him just now, he is apparently a Dutch politician.
Are you by chance a Dutch, too, Tuber? Wait, I know the answer, you'd say: I am not a Dutch, I am an accountant! :p

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Ghost_007: 2
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Enmos: 1
Tuberculatious: 1
Strangely he isn't.
But he should be.
A clue: should be in the "Art" section of that list.