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omg met's lake out!!1
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Is anyone else buying the new album tomorrow? I'm excited.

Let's hear some opinions on Godsmack. Speak your mind.
Pretty awesome stuff I've heard from them so far. Great beats, heavy bass, good work on the Scorpion King soundtrack. I won't be buying their new album, but hey, you can give us the "official Sciforums review of Godsmack" for us when you do. :D
Wow, I picked up Faceless at lunch and I love it. I've listened to it completely through at least three times, maybe four. I think this is their most mature album, I love it. The melodies are tight and it's musically very proficient. Sully's vocals are as good as ever.

Highlights thus far sound like...
Releasing The Demons

More to come later.
Bought the first CD. Was full of corn. Bored to tears. Seconds one couldn't hold my attention. Not interested in the new one either.
I liked their song they did for The Scorpian King soundtrack. I guess it's a matter of choice. I heard their new single on the radio last night; couldn't hold my attention....it was too boring. Sounded a lot like the "I stand alone" song. Their song they sold to the Navy was good too.