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Are there any Go players out there in Sciland? I'm a beginner, my rank is seems appropriately somewhere around 28-kyu with all the other bottom-feeders on IGS Pandanet. I have only just discovered a pleasant, free online Go interface (PANDA-EGG Multi: 4th client listed on left side of this linked page), which I think is a beautiful thing. If you would like a game with me (or anyone), please stop by. Here in this thread would be a good place for some powerful Go tactics and secrets. If you might simply enjoy watching smart little Japanese brats mercilessly humiliating me, my callsign there is "otsego".
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I play Go once in awhile. I was playing online at a site called"It's Your Turn" until they started charging for play time. I was very good at it but you really have to keep up with it to be great just as in anything. I play chess against people there though.
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I tried Go a while back...
On Yahoo.games.. I lost most of my games and after feeling more and more like I didn't know what I was doing, I gave it up. I'd like to take another whack at it in the future... but it would be more interesting and enjoyable if someone I knew was already decent at it. Until that time, I'll be trying to improve my chess... which even having the benefit of learning the moves at a younger age...and chess being (it seems to me) a more obvious game... can still make me feel a little inadequate.