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Inspired by the presence of a new member who has raised the humourous content of sci by twenty five percent, I'd like to try an idea - Someone posts a leader and others respond with a mirth filled response.
eg. What's the difference between an Australian woman of average weight and a Morbidly obese American?.....

Answer,.. The accent.

O.K it's a really shithouse example but for those wannabes out there who aspire to more than mediocrity in their attempts at jocularity should refrain forthwith and anybody else who realises the tragedy of their affliction, fire away.

All attempts will be applauded (if they're not shitcanned).

Puns are encouraged.

Double entendres are priceless

Necromancy will be crucial to the thread's survival.

Why in the Linguistics subforum? Our fearless leader is a humourist of note and has enormous potential if not tolerance.

What do you call a overtly macho, hirsute homosexual who has slightly ambiguous sexuality and propensity for schizophrenia?

Answers please.. and sorry, it's not exactly an open question.
O.K, here's a slightly easier one.

What is the difference between an amateur Dutch entomologist and gastro enteritis?
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Wait, I've almost got one worked out using

The Holland Tunnel.

Fabulous, using the old ' how did the accountant overcome constipation?...worked it out with a pencil' with a new sordid twist.


Give us a new leader Doreen.
But I really didn't come up with a punchline. I just gestured in the direction of some - which I don't think would actually work.
What is the difference between an amateur Dutch entomologist and gastro enteritis?

Datsh eashy, vun haj bugsh vitsch are shtretched out on a board and de udder haj a bug vitch haj shtretched out hij schvinkta.

Didn't say it was gonna be pretty!
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