Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

Place your bets on the number of post (within 10 either side) this thread reaches :)

That's how long it will take a moderator to figure out that this is either a sock puppet or that maybe it's a crank and doesn't belong in Physics and Math.
As you may have noted, this calculation is the same as division by one, but as I will retort, the calculation for division by zero INCLUDES division by one. Any other calculations attempting to unify this method of division by zero with other calculations, such as (((6+1)÷(3+1))-1) are STILL dividing by zero by conducting the methodology. :)

There are no zero(s) in any number, above or below, zero

I disagree. Zero does not exist, and can be discounted immediately, leaving the original number.

Even better.

You contend zeros are non existent zeros

Makes it logical you cannot divide any number by something which is non existent


Division by a number that is non-existent, negates the number, leaving only the whole. :)

You can't ride a non existent unicorn just like you can't divide by zero (Roman or Arabic or Martian) hence nothing is negated

Technically it is not verifyably true to say that that is incorrect. The big bang theory has some facts that support it but to say that the universe had a beginning is just as unverifyable as god.
Fundamental theory of existence .

Existence .

That all forms energy and matter , exist . Therefore life exists .
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