Freedom is not Free

Bobby Lee

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I was thinking that with all that we do to ensure ower freedom! Whats so free about it! It costs alot!

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Sure theres no such thing as a "FREE" lunch. Who on earth would be stupid enough to give away anything to someone for no reason? There's always a reason, whether its duty through blood relations or because you want to manipulate the proletariat into giving his vote. You WOULD have to be insane to give awaw anything for free in this world, and especially in the USA.

Alexander Black.
Anarchism Is Not Absolute Anti-social Individualism
Anarchism does not connote absolute, irresponsible, anti-social individual freedom which violates the rights of others and rejects every form of organization and self-discipline. Absolute individual freedom can be attained only in isolation- if at all: "What really takes away liberty and makes initiative impossible is the isolation which renders one powerless." (Errico Malatesta, Life and Ideas, Freedom Press, p. 87)

Anarchism is synonymous with the term "free socialism" or "social anarchism." As the term "social" itself implies, anarchism is the free association of people living together and cooperating in free communities. The abolition of capitalism and the state; workers' self-management of industry; distribution according to needs; free association; are principles which, for all socialist tendencies, constitute the essence of socialism. To distinguish themselves from fundamental differences about how and when these aims will be realized, as well as from the anti-social individualists, Peter Kropotkin and the other anarchist thinkers defined anarchism as the "left wing of the socialist movement." The Russian anarchist Alexei Borovoi declared that the proper basis for anarchism in a free society is the equality of all members in a free organization. Social anarchism could be defined as the equal right to be different.
Bobby Lee said:
I was thinking that with all that we do to ensure ower freedom! Whats so free about it! It costs alot!

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Freedom is born free. I don`t know if you or any other people have freedom in themselves. But as for me being a christian by choice I am at last free from fallacious fantasies.
". . . that which has its centre in itself . . . . exists in and with itself . . . . self-contained existence . . . . I am free . . . when my existence depends upon myself."