free-floating in a cold place


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free thought?

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myself in an attempt to express myself. this is my second attempt to post here and some of my first thoughts will surely be lost (the original was too long, i guess), but it doesn't matter. i simply need to communicate... my mate, a frequent sciforums poster, is friends with some of you. some of you this person is not. all my friends are gone. they all left in different ways. it feels, i imagine, like the internet would surely feel, if it could actually be felt. like a digital outer-space, and just as cold, if not colder. i'm not the eeyore type, just easily downed. insight: my present employment isn't exactly where i belong at all, and i am constantly reminded of this every morn. i am just trying to reach out here, in this cold sea of information... you all seem kind. til' next time...
-sigh-(another PISCEAN)(??)

My friend, you are not the only one adrift in this sea of emptiness and I hope this brings a short respite. Our current travails are but temporary for the mere reason we comprehend and object our positions in a passive way......FOR NOW! To reach out and understand another is not simply a physical OR spiritual matter in this day and age of pretense after pretense.......the Internet (as you stated.....a "digital outerspace") is somewhat new and untraveled; though quickly becoming a part of everyday hooplah, but not yet.

"Do your works, then walk away. This is all one can do". -Taoist reflection-

I wish you the best and hope your travels lead you to peace. Because life is about letting go.
why that odd comment.
actually, ill steal it first.
anyway if you steal it youve left the collective.
F**k you unsound.

(The avatar is not the collective Unsound, it is just a graphic expression of it :D)
I like the signature of malaclypse:

"Logical consequences are the scarecrows of fools and the beacons of wisemen."

Perhaps you should use it unsound.