Finish my Sentence

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quickly, quickly, people are laughing at me."
looking around for a big, purple headed dildo, i noticed there where two strange beings standing watching the commotion. "whats the matter with your friend" they thought in unison. "he's okay he gets like this every morning would you have a purple dildo so he can keep it all wet and soaked" i wrote. "no! they thought but we have some cucumber sandwhiches. will those do?" "yes cucumber sandwhiches would be great, put them on the table and leave my room, NOW" the two beings left the room and wally dived for the cucmber sandwhiches. "WASH YOUR HANDS YOU FILTHY....
the island of curacao wearing nothing but our swimming gear in search of
Zaphod Beeblebrox, and the Heart of Gold. Since the odds are infinitely opposed to our discovery there of, we'll surely find it. If not on Curacao,
...then on the third rock from the star Alpha Centauri, coordinates, x17327463,y32878874, where this Zaphod Beeblebrox reportedly loves to....
he realized he was alone. it was dark in this land and the other side of the planet where about to awake. he stopped scuffiffling and put his bodoolies back in their bag. it was time to sleep, he was enveloped by a dream where the air was more than humid and the floor was far from sacred and the chickens where playing mr johnson with no..
feet. After he awoke from his dreamstate he realized that he was actually in prison because he...........................
had too many jack and cokes the last night and got to close to the 3 hot chicks dancing around the bar where he
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