"Fiends Raped Jessica"

/I think the Iraqi captors should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Legally sure, but otherwise - shoulda woulda coulda, the most likely suspects are always suspected. We're a finger pointing species eh? Besides, their guilt is part of the propoganda war.... from the perspective of the military - attempting to justify their existence, etc, it's a beautiful opportunity to save some face.

/She was simply doing her job. She was badly injured. She was a prisoner of war.

Yeah that's a drag, but it happened and time is a bit stubborn about reversal.

/She was made use of very cynically and dishonestly by the U.S. propaganda machine.

What do you expect from a propaganda machine?

/She was feted by the media whereas her comrades who were also injured and also taken prisoner were ignored.

Yup. Gotta love an opportunistic propaganda machine. What's funny to me is that without it, she should never have gotten her million. Hell because of that shit she's "set for life". Remember, the propaganda came after her injuries... no escapign that, we can only discuss what happened after, unless you want to talk women in the military, blah blah. Then it would have happened to some dude and we would have never thought of him as a hero anyway. Well unless someone in the propaganda machine saw opportunity there.

/''The factor that should concern us the most remains the differing treatment given to her in comparison to others in her position. But that is not of her doing, unless you blame her for being a pleasant looking blonde instead of the no less pleasant looking young black mother or the other comrades who shared her experiences.

Marketability is obviously a factor when considering how to structure your propaganda. How does blame have anything to do with anything? Pardon, I just see no point in it.

/Yes, females are raped in wartime. It is one of the unleasantnesses that besmirch all nations. And don't we just love talking about it.

Hey you brough tit up. I wasn't gonna say anything. Hypocrite. Hehe. ;) People love talking drama and sex. Go figure.

/The entire press has picked on just this one page in a book for its headlines. She is now back home, with a handy sum of money but a wrecked body -- I know I would rather be whole.

You say it like there's choice. It's in the past, so your "rather" is pretty well inconsequential. At least she scored some cake for having been utilized by the machine. You can't really blame the machine for performing its function. Hell many of its subjects welcome it. I wonder if ten years from now she'll rather have had anonymity or the million bucks.

/and I suspect she would too.

You mean she irrationally wants to change time too? She can't be "whole" right now because she was injured during a war. That happens to soldiers somewhat often. Sure she could have scored disability, but she was unlucky and halfassed attractive - so she got put into the machine. A rather pathetic attempt to paint a hero (for the purposes of promoting the war) from a typical soldier just trying to do their job. It's a bummer but come on man, what do you expect? It's a freakin war. No holds barred. The propaganda machine is drug out for ALL military actions. Nature of the beast. See through it or join the masses.
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Just as an aside ... A whole bunch of years ago, when I was a member
of a Volunteer Fire Dept. Emergency Rescue Squad, I responded to an
automobile accident where the driver, a young female, was impaled by
the accelerator pedal and sustained rectal injuries along with other in-
juries similar to Jessica Lynch's.

No 'rape' involved.

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fair enough, but i guess it just doesn't have the same dramatic effects on the front pages y'know.
Oh dear.
What was that about how the Iraqis were scurrilous dogs that treated her awfully?

From breakingnews.ie:
Porn baron buys topless Private Jessica photos
11/11/2003 - 2:22:19 pm

Photographs showing rescued American soldier Private Jessica Lynch topless with two male soldiers have been bought by the owner of Hustler.

Larry Flynt insists he has only paid for the snaps to prevent them from becoming public.

The news comes on the day 20-year-old Private Lynch's book, I Am A Soldier Too, was published, detailing her capture and rescue during the Iraq war.

In a statement, Mr Flynt said: "I was offered photos of Jessica Lynch. I purchased them in order to keep them out of circulation, not to publish them."

Mr Flynt, an opponent of the Bush administration, added: "Jessica Lynch is being used as a pawn by the media and by the government to create a hero who can sell this war to the American people."

The photographs, showing Miss Lynch with two male soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas, were taken shortly before she went to Iraq.

Larry Flynt reportedly paid a six-figure sum for the snaps.

Paul Bogaards of Alfred Knopf, publisher of Miss Lynch's book, said it would be "unspeakable" if Hustler decided to publish the pictures.
Bristling with American capitalism, and Judeo-Christian ethics.


God when will the exploitation end?
the docs strike back

When she came to us she was in bad shape," Dr al-Hazbar said. "People were surprised by the resources we devoted to her."

Jamal Kadhim Shwail, the first doctor to examine her, said: "We only had a few minutes to save her life."

Dr Shwail said he saw no signs of rape and was not looking for them.

"The thought did not cross my mind. Her injuries were consistent with severe trauma - a car crash, nothing else. Her clothes were not torn, her boots had not been removed. There is no way she could have been raped."

Ms Lynch, now 20, was the same age as his daughter Noor, he said.

"She was a woman, young and alone in a strange country," he said. "It was our duty to look after her and we did. Now people are saying she was raped ... that pains us."

The doctors who operated on Ms Lynch at Nasiriyah Hospital said they carried out a full examination and there was no sign of sexual assault.

Re: the docs strike back

Originally posted by spookz

Since she tooked naked pictures with her co workers its possible one of them raped her or had anal sex even before she was ambushed, who knows.
Re: Re: the docs strike back

Originally posted by Americano
Since she tooked naked pictures with her co workers its possible one of them raped her or had anal sex even before she was ambushed, who knows.

Yes, but that would somewhat be impossible.

During her stay at the hosipital, the doctors stated that there was no trace of her getting raped and no semen in her body. The thing could be that she wasn't raped at all.

So far, this sounds the most logical explanation to me. There's three possibilites. Either the soldiers did it, it was the Iraqi's or also that she wasn't raped at all.

Also, I don't know anything about rape or how doctors find it and so. But say if the possiblity of her getting raped was done by her soldiers before the war, would the traces still be visible when the doctors examinated her?
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i tell ya! humans!

jessica seem to be the only story where the real shit seems to be coming out.

*Lynch says the circumstances of her rescue was dramatised and manipulated by the Pentagon.

*She was not rescued in a 'blaze of gunfire' as reported by Defence Department officials last April, but picked up from compliant Iraq doctors who had saved her life.

* accusations that she'd been raped were disputed by appalled Iraqi doctors who first treated her,

*the army was accused of insensitivity and racism for awarding Lynch a full disability pension while others from her ambushed maintenance company, including

*Shoshana Johnson, the black cook wounded and captured by Iraqis, will receive barely a third of Lynch's discharge package.

*the fact that she never fired a shot, and instead got down on her knees to pray as her unit was surrounded by enemy forces.

*it was her dead colleague Lori Piestewa, a Native American mother of two, who went down fighting.

*Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief, who was given US citizenship for his efforts, has written a book about how he risked his own life to win her freedom. Now he is described by his wife as overly influenced by John Wayne movies.

*But the story may be too far along to reverse. 'She can't take back being a star. The fact that she says it's all made up doesn't make a difference. It's been decided she's a star, and that's the only indisputable fact

To a military propogandist this sack of lies became irresistable from the begining.

A rescue entirely on video tape from the enemy (a comfortable hospital bed) of a comely white girl with a name to warm the hearts of racist bigots back home. It was too perfect to pass up.