Feeling hot/body temperature


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If our body temp is usually ~98 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees C), why do we feel SO damn hot when its only 80 or 85 degrees out? There may be a simple answer to this but i really can't see it.
Hey thanks
You body gets rid of excess heat by the evaporation of water (ei sweat) on your body, when it's 80 to 85 degrees, it's usually very humid so your sweat doesn't evaporate as well. That's why a dry heat is usually better than a humid heat.
Because you're always making heat, and when its hot out, you just can't lose it as fast. You're still losing, just not as much. Humidity makes it even worse by interfering with evaporation.
I have to agree with the above words of wisdom but would also add that this is why a fan cools our bodies in the summer.