Feedback on forum software upgrade

It's much easier to locate the abomination that is the Encyclopedia.

And harder to do everything else.
I'm sure Zox is very busy tweaking the site, keep your eyes out for any bugs or issues if you can. I know some of the members might have some problems with the newer format because of all the buttons and gadgets, I hope they manage to muddle through.

Sweet! Video embedding!
Possible bug report: To me this thread is still showing "0 views" even though at least 3 people have viewed it.
Wait a minute..:mad:

We can have signatures now?

How and where? I just looked at my profile and could not find anywhere this could be edited or added in..
Egads! Something new whilst I slept. Reminds me of the time hubby gave our shared PC of the time an extreme makeover and I came home after working all night and couldn't even find my mail, let alone check it.

Tears, drama and to bed without eating I went, so distressed was I at the time. :p (Much younger then and terrified of computers as well.)

When I came home after the next shift, the computer had been restored to it's previous settings and we proceeded to make changes with my involvement and knowledge from that point forward. Now, of course, we each have our own computer so aside from ISP issues and power outages, I have had no further emotionally traumatizing experiences, lol.... :D

Looks like most of the simple stuff that I use is still there, anyway.

Firefox browser is having problems with viewing videos but this condition has existed for some time and is an Adobe Flash/Firefox problem by what I can make out so will look into the video embedding bit using Internet Explorer later.

If MacGyver thinks this is an improvement, it probably is.
If MacGyver thinks this is an improvement, it probably is.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! If you need any help with the video embedding, let me know.

The only thing this site needs now is an automatic bacon dispenser.

Cool! If you hotlink an image from another site, it will download it and host it on Sciforums.

Or from your computer
If this worked, I just posted these 4 pictures directly from my computer.

View attachment 5564View attachment 5565View attachment 5566
I changed ATTACH to IMG in the last picture, but not much help.

Not quite what I was hoping for, but is something new.

Edited by Stryder for "How to make an Attachment an Inline image":
To use attachments as an "inline" image what you have to do is,
Use the Go advanced method of post editing and create an attachment
Use the preview, this will generate a link in an attachment box.
From the preview, Right-Click (default) your mouse on the attach link and select "Copy Link location"
(This will give you the URL for the attachment, in this instance, the bit in red you don't actually need.)
You can now go back to the editor window and Paste the link into [ IMG] tags.
You should know be able to preview an inline image which was an attachment.

Such as this:
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What the hell happened?

I'm not saying this change is bad, but...OK, I'm saying it's bad...Change is ALWAYS bad.

ETA: We don't have smileys anymore?
I hate it. Its absolutely HORRIBLE. And completely unnecessary. Its like a bad boob job.

And you know this how?:D

Give it some time, as if you have any choice. Has anybody else noticed the auto-save light up in the lower left hand corner (unless told otherwise I will assume every 5 min.)?
new format? no longer has tab to see posts in my subscribed threads.

New display format? or is it just my display that is entirely new?
It no longer has tab to see posts in my subscribed threads.

Old format was much more useful. If I wanted to see all new posts, I just clicked on "" but rarely did that as mainly want to know if someone has commented in thread I have been active in - that does not seem possible to check now.
Oh, one more bitch/complaint...

Where is the "who's online" thing?