Extraterrestrial Contact


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If you have information concerning:

1. Direct or indirect communication with
an alien intelligence
2. Detailed recall of conversation during an
abduction or encounter
3. High resolution vidio or film footage of
spacecraft or..
4. THE YELLOW BOOK...our e-mail address is:

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I have had one conscious encounter with "something" strange. It seemed alien in the sense that it was definately not human, and it seemed to have the body-type of what we have come to understand in UFO literature as the "Greys", however it was semi-dark in my room at the time. Quite odd.

I do know I wasn't dreaming, but the rest is a true blue mystery. I do believe in UFOs as being of extraterrestrial origin (at least some of them), but I am open to what this was. Alien or projection of my conscious...Who knows.