Exciting new hominid fossils

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    Hominid evolution remains a dynamic field. Two interesting stories have emerged recently.

    New fossils reveal a strange-looking Neanderthal in Israel

    Some of the earliest bands of modern humans who ventured out of Africa and into the Middle East 120,000 to 140,000 years ago might have met a strange-looking character with the look of a primitive Neanderthal, but a stone toolkit as modern as their own. New fossils of this individual, found over the past decade in Israel, are stirring intense debate among paleoanthropologists: Was it the earliest known Neanderthal in the Middle East, or a late remnant of a previously unknown Neanderthal ancestor?


    Stunning ‘Dragon Man’ skull may be an elusive Denisovan—or a new species of human

    Almost 90 years ago, Japanese soldiers occupying northern China forced a Chinese man to help build a bridge across the Songhua River in Harbin. While his supervisors weren’t looking, he found a treasure: a remarkably complete human skull buried in the riverbank. He wrapped up the heavy cranium and hid it in a well to prevent his Japanese supervisors from finding it. Today, the skull is finally coming out of hiding, and it has a new name: Dragon Man, the newest member of the human family, who lived more than 146,000 years ago.


    As an aside, 23andMe analysis reports that I have ~2% Neanderthal DNA (248 variants out of 7,462 variants tested) which is more Neanderthal DNA than 64% of their customers.

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