Entropy vs. Anti-Entropy (How DNA Defeats the Blackhole)

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Within this space-time we are all too familiar with aspects of matter which are exclusionary in nature, that is, properties which enforce a singleton behavior to the way all matter based entities occupy this space-time. In short no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. When you plug a video cable into a video port on the back of your PC that port becomes occupied and cannot be re-occupied until you remove the current connection freeing the port, freeing the space-time it occupies for future connections. This behavior is taken for granted by our interpretation of reality. Even in circumstances that may seem to defy this behavior it doesn’t. For example two glasses of water poured into a vase may seem to occupy the same space at the same time but make no mistake even the molecules and atoms that compose this and every other fluid jostle each other and also any pollen grains in their midst for a singleton position in space-time. A thorough description of this behavior served Albert Einstein well when it earned him a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his paper on Brownian Motion.

Such exclusionary behavior exists throughout nature in many different implementations and yet, not in others. For example electromagnetism is famously nonexclusive in the sharing or exposing its quantifiable degrees-of-freedom such as frequency, wavelength, polarization, intensity etc.. Otherwise we would all have to take turns enjoying our favorite stations on our fancy TV and radio sets. Electromagnetism travels outward from its source in waves and is constrained by the Higgs field to travel at or below the speed of light. Yet its DOF’s and the valuable information encoded therein simultaneously pervade the propagating waveform as it travels through space-time. As with all things in nature the specific magnitudes of these properties imprinted on the waveform immediately begin to circum to the laws of this universe so distance and weather may affect reception of your TV signal. Likewise the aspect of instantiation of the individual life responsible for the mobility of individuality in this space-time share exclusionary features that are more similar to matter even if in an unfamiliar implementation. Ones QE connection to metamatter (the LINE’s in the depiction) in Hilbert-space (the white area in the depiction) is similarly exclusionary in its behavior as it entangles your living host form wherever viable forms emerges within this universe (the cosmic disc in the depiction) . Each LINE is an entanglement described by a unique value among the infinite possibilities of the DOF’s of the entanglement spectrum (a property of Hilbert-space). One of these LINE’s belong to you, it always has and it likely always will, at least as long as Hilbert-space exists as it currently does.

By natural entanglement ones LINE may non-relativistically connect any viable host in this universe with any metamatter in Hilbert-space (little circle at the ends in the depiction). And like matter, and the cable on the back of your PC, cannot be shared but must be terminated before a new entanglement, a new instantiation of you, a new life is established. This is the monogamistic, singleton or exclusionary nature of life. It is why one must die to instantiate anew. Which particles of matter or of metamatter participate or their location in this universe is completely inconsequential as both are completely transient. Which is what makes it so ridiculous to think matter is what defines ones individuality. Any matter and any metamatter will do just fine. Of course what any species may care most about is its form at least at first. So what influences may be brought to bear on this implementation to offer beings like us some semblance of control over our own instantiations? Ones entangled metamatter in Hilbert-space and matter in this universe is nonspecific and are currently biased toward a specific QEF only by circumstances that are quite arbitrary in nature. Nonetheless are governed and mediated by the rules of monogamy of entanglement and also by whatever influences happen to arise that might affect ones fidelity of teleportation (FT) and metamatter imprint.

This mutual tuning of the Alice (DNA) and Bob (metamatter) components of individuality is the only means by which any possible control may be exacted. Though the entanglement spectrum must have existed for time untold even before the big-bang, this imprinting of stem-metamatter began when entanglement molecules first joined with other matter structures to form the first viable hosts for life. Ever since them eco-systems in this universe and their evolved living hosts has essentially tuned metamatter by storing information into this bootstrapping cloud-storage repository of nature. This began the propensity at first for eco-systems to become obtuse attractors of metamatter which had been imprinted by these eco-systems’ first generations of life which evolved and by chance still existed within its unique habitat. This describes the beginning of the process which tunes the individual FT and thereby biases instantiation to a particular eco-system. With time these components evolves to become progressively more finely tuned to individual LINE’s or QEF’s. Theoretically eventually this bias may evolve or may be manipulated to favor even specific familial DNA lines as metamatter becomes more finely imprinted by DNA and QEF. This begs the question; Can other eco-systems be targeted for specific individual instantiation by synthetically detuning or retuning ones imprinted metamatter to another ecosystems unique evolutionary signature?
In this endeavor we call science you will find, I think, there is no stranger beast then Nature herself. Contrary to the suggestion of the Anthropic Principle, this universe is not as astronomers observe it simply because astronomers exist, or because they are here to measure it. Rather, astronomers can and will exist anywhere in nature where circumstances and conditions are right for life and for astronomers. Earth’s solar system is just one such place. The distinction between these two points is not at all trivial. In fact it is profound. Because the latter point supports one particular conclusion as posed by the LINE hypotheses that is the mobility of individuality. It is only local circumstances which determine a habitats viability for individual life. By this definition any ‘Here’ in this universe could host individual life.

Given all of these alternative locations for being, a better question for the individual may be; Then why here? Here being this star this planet this body, this cell. If neither place nor form persists the individual, then what does? If you are having difficulty fathoming this notion keep in mind that as you read these words you are yourself on a planet orbiting a star which together are both traveling through space-time at approx. 225 km/sec. So if you think it is some particular space-time location that has defined your presence, your being then the earth’s and your location is changing every second. If it is the atoms and molecules on and in the earth that you believe tether you to your form on this spherical rocket-ship through the cosmos, think again, the atoms and molecules of the earth and your body owe no allegiance to me or thee.

If location, which includes the space within all of the atoms of the Sun, the Earth, and your body and their relative location in space-time, is purely circumstantial then the inescapable conclusion favors that the mechanism which places any living individual where they are, when they are, must operate throughout existence. You live here because you are entangled here. Entangled to a temporary corporeal physical host which happened to emerge from local material in an ever changing location in nature that is no more special than anywhere else. Make no mistake this is not a conclusion which in any way diminishes how wondrous and rare the processes by which living hosts have emerged on this planet. Rather, it is an acknowledgement that similarly wondrous processes can occur throughout this or in other universe where circumstances happen to be right and there you may be as alive as you are here at this moment only necessarily, superficially, differently.

Further, these superficial differences won’t matter as they don’t now matter. Any astronomer any living being inhabits nature by the laws of instantiation. You will be, you can live, anywhere circumstances are right. Regardless of how one makes the journey, whether one manages to take ones current entangled form along on board a spacecraft or if by reinstantiation by natural entanglement. The mobility of individuality in this universe is replete with opportunities for life and experience. Placing restrictions on what’s ‘right’ for life as we currently do today in biology and life sciences is missing the natural implementation of life and individuality. Genetics describes living hosts Earth-style. The LINE hypotheses describes natural entanglement as the host form agnostic mobility of individuality, of you, throughout nature.
Placing restrictions on what’s ‘right’ for life as we currently do today in biology and life sciences is missing the natural implementation of life and individuality.

What is the natural implementation of life ? Live and procreate like animals and insects ?
The realization of the science which describes the mobility of individuality in this universe, of the kind suggested by the LINE hypothesis, adds yet another layer of ethical concern to the already ethically laden endeavors of modern day genetics. That is, the manipulation of existing, and the proposed resurrection of bygone species. Naturally evolved hosts, even those that were bread by us, are generally of sound evolutionary foundation. Humans, dogs, cats, pigeons, bacteria are made viable by natural selection even when deliberately bread by humankind. However, with the advent of genuine genetic manipulation of the sort made possible by the discovery of the Crisper CAS9 gene comes a new level of divergence or even a complete disassociation from the process of natural evolutionary selection.

Further, in the presence of complete ignorance regarding the implementation by which nature distributes individuality in living beings throughout this universe these concerns today give rise only to relatively moderate levels of controversy and discussion. We consider the question of should we manipulate and create new species from a naively disassociated perspective which just barely rises to the level of personal concern. We may consider our distress in eating a genetically modified cow or chicken or feel some displeasure in seeing an unfamiliar host resulting from the more esoteric or misguided attempts at genetic manipulation or perhaps we worry about creating a species that could threaten our current life in some manner. This is largely because we do not see how we may one day be the direct recipient of a synthetically manipulated host.

Most of humankind are prone to accept established ideas which we were thought or exposed to early in ones current instantiation. Most are ideas which were last exposed to the bright light of cognizant consideration many hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Careful rules of non-questioning tradition and the hierarchical consideration of new ideas have been erected to protect the status quo from the corrosive influence caused by the acquisition of factual scientific information over time. Ironically even specific scientific ideas regarding the possible nature of individuality is guilty of this protectionism. Or perhaps its not at all deliberate but a natural evolutionary implementation meant to protect the self-aware mind, We may be largely ignorant by evolutionary design. A form of mental protection akin to the shell of an egg for the conscious intelligent self-aware mind. Perhaps some things are best left unknown.

Nonetheless, the time to break through the shell of ignorance is upon us. Shortly it will become increasingly difficult to ignore the mechanism by which individuality is distributed throughout nature. With the discovery of thousands of planets all evolved similarly to earth but with different specific circumstances questions will arise in the scientifically alert nimble minds that are proliferating in today’s dynamic information culture. Questions like; What is the mechanism that places me here to experience life from this body which is a part of this particular planet as opposed to some other? Why are you in that body and not me and on this planet or on some other planet? These questions can be posed from the perspective of each of trillions of living beings alive on or off the Earth at any given moment in time. In dealing with these questions one is almost certainly either in scientific denial or you cling to some religious narrative. You see science doesn’t try to explain these questions because for most of its history there was insufficient information to address them. This is no longer quite the case. We know of the mechanisms and are beginning to develop the principles for understanding how nature universally mediates the mobility of individuality.

Realize that the collection of species that exist on earth or on any viable planet at any time is the repository of living hosts from which nature will probabilistically naturally entangle a viable form to host ones next instantiation. This combined with the realization that there is a universal phenomenon mediated by the quantifying quantum measure described by ones unique QEF and fidelity of teleportation is what will define your existence in nature for perpetuity. As we are discovering more often than not, just about anything in nature is susceptible to some level of manipulation and with such influence is born control.


By the 11th day of gestation of a human embryo, for example, being no bigger than the head of a pin yet it contains many hundred cells every one of them a living individual in nature. Among these cells, early in the formation of a new life, are the LINE hypothesized Entanglement Cells (EC), some of which are likely visible in this photograph. Entanglement cells are very special cells which together heterodyne their own unique individual entangled states to manifest a new state established at a unique QEF, your QEF. This instantiation manifests a new life, a new emerged LifeID, your position-of-view (POV), not unlike their own but at a different unique quantifiable value of the entangled degrees-of-freedom (QEF’s) of the immutable entanglement spectrum. This is approximately the stage in gestation of a viable host where instantiation occurs, the point at which you the individual, become tethered to this particular growing host form and not to some other.

Why you? In this there can be no; Why, only; How. Via a combination of natural circumstances, some predicted by the LINE hypothesis, this particular host has heterodyned at your QEF. This occurs whether the form be human, or any other viable living form that happens to exist in any temporary, no doubt extinction laden eco-system. The Earth is but one such habitat. This is but one instance of countless such processes of instantiation by natural entanglement that occur second by second throughout existence. By this process the mobility of individuality is made possible in a vast Higgs universe, together with the non-locality of metamatter and the non-relativistic reach of the entanglement spectrum. These features make individuality and life possible on Earth and anywhere, wherever viable forms happen to emerge, in that place a new instance of life is established whether single or multi-cellular. Empirically proving or disproving the existence and theorized function of the EC and identifying the ubiquitous entanglement molecule which makes this all possible will be greatly facilitated by using subjects that are at this early pivotal stage of development.

This initial two week stage in human gestation, for example, marks the point where the embryo may form one or more hosts (i.e. twins etc.). Also at this stage the characteristic central structure of the host form begins to emerge. It is very likely that the EC are present but have not yet heterodyned at this juncture. At this stage the embryo remains a collection of distinct individual cells each with a specific, or soon to be determined mission. Once the EC combine their individual entangled states to establish the one or more new emerged entangled states and the POV’s define therein, an equal number of new instances of individuality come into existence perhaps for the first time, or perhaps not for the first time. The one certainty in this process is that this particular host has never before existed and never will again.

Further, we may inquire; at what stage in its evolution does an emerged species gain its EC and go from being a colony of individual cells , to become an emerged individual hosting a position-of-view with a unique emerged QEF? To understand this It would help to seek living forms representative of each evolutionary stage of development. Species that straddle the evolutionary line between a colony of living individual cells and an emerged living being with a POV distinct from its other non-EC’s. Such species no doubt exist but are not easily categorized. For some reason evolution seems to favor full emergence once a colony develops the EC, like a switch being flipped. This is not to suggest that such recently emerged species would immediately possess highly integrated systems like a central nervous system which links its desperate regions of specialization. Such complex features would take time to evolve but the QE connection to metamatter had by all living forms requires no such embellishments.

Also, how might a species respond evolutionarily to developing a newly established POV as compared to being a colony of living individuals? This would be a truly fascinating study to undertake. The LINE hypothesis suggests that imprinted metamatter influences evolution throughout this universe in ways that cannot be underestimated and may very well play a crucial role in disseminating this amazing capability to eco-systems separated by distances that are otherwise physically unbridgeable. Thus, like all other features of the cell, the capability to combine the natural entangled state first evolves in cells which then further specialize. Thereby passing on their newly acquired talents to offspring. Together these new EC perform the initial combination of their individual QE connection to establish the new emerged individuals position-of-view thereby marking the emergence of a new host form for emerged individual life, a new species.

From an evolutionary standpoint, one may be tempted to expect a dramatic transformation to accompany the transition from the collection to the emerged individual, but this is unlikely to be the case. More probable is a slow evolution out of the hitherto normal behavior of that particular colony as new possibilities slowly take hold of its evolutionary trajectory. Thus the cloud-storage repository of newly entangled metamatter further shapes the destiny of a new species. The science which describes POV evolution will, like all aspects of living biology, be deep and complex in its own right. The evolution of a species has many influences and likely goes step-wise with the evolution of its POV as both number and complexity of EC may evolve over time.

So if you, whatever your species, are impressed and proud of the evolved capabilities of your living form, it is well and good that you should be, but also realize that none of those known features can be considered to be more impressive than the feature of natural entanglement heterodyning evolved in the EC. This remarkable feature permits nothing less than the establishment of complex emerged beings, like you, in this universe. If not for this amazing feature of the cell only individual cells and colonies thereof would populate the Earth. This is not to suggest what forms such colonies might take, but the distinction between a colony of individual cells and an emerged being such as a human or a millipede or a finch is significant and important. Today science defines no clear basis for such a distinction, the LINE hypothesis does.
The ability to realize beyond ones species is a hard earned capability. Would an ant, an earth species naturally equal to any other, consider importance, if it could, beyond the concerns of the nest? Could a bee realize concerns beyond the interests of the hive and if they could what might they ponder? In what do we, as equal tenants of life, find importance beyond our own immediate concerns, being perhaps the only species in the history of earth-life with the capability to entertain such considerations? What aspect of nature might all life share commonly with immediate local urgency beyond all of the interests of their respective cultures regardless of their location in space-time? Human religion has long invented such a universally shared entity in the form of various Gods. A god by its very description is considered to be a common cause a shared universal concern of all life and of every individual. That which transcends place as well as time. However, might there be a somewhat less mystical more empirical natural implementation which fits this description of common cause for life and individuality regardless of which star or planet or perhaps universe one may live?

Of local interest for individuals on earth may be concern for the state of earths ecology as a viable habitat to sustain ones current host form, ones species. Also the stability and trajectory of the sun and indeed all matters relevant to our common star. Also our common planets’ fate would certainly top such a thoughtful list. Excluded may be internal strife and politics and such for such cultural local distractions are not often shared by other forms, at least prior to humankind. Testament to this is the fact that when any human, for example, is confronted with the inconvenience of say a thriving bee hive or ants nest or termite mound in ones vicinity no consideration is ever given to which individuals therein are deserving of benevolent consideration or are right minded. Nor is any consideration given by us to which termites can be considered above the fray, which individuals are good or bad hearted among its kind. No, we simply torch the entire culture. This is perhaps as it will be in all such encounters.

Nonetheless, The LINE hypothesis suggests that there may yet exist universally immutable natural implementations, not unlike a common atmosphere or shared star or habitat. Natural implementation seen or unseen which may be of common importance to all living individuals regardless of form or location in this universe or indeed in existence. Such aspects of nature would be of common importance to individuality everywhere? For example, what might earth species hold in common regard with say indigenous mars-life if it existed? Perhaps matters concerning the condition and fate of the Sun since the survival of both depend on the state of our common star. Not on each list may be concerns for the state of the others eco-system since we are not affected by conditions on the surface of mars or Venus or any other planet. Also present on such a list may be the goings on in the asteroid belt and ort cloud as both could affect all life within their reach. Further, if we consider this same conundrum from the perspective of species separated by the vastness of interstellar space sharing no classically described resources or structures in common dependence what else then might there be to include on such a list? Perhaps the ultimate fate of the universe itself is about all that meets with our traditional misconceptions about life and individuality.

This suggests that the internal goings on of any species is irrelevant to nature writ large. So then might there be something more? Could there exist in nature considerations of greater and common relevance and dependence? Is there a common list of concerns and implementations that can be made by members of any species no matter where they may be located in this or perhaps any universe no matter their form or local culture or circumstances ? A list of actual, no doubt natural, structures and considerations whatever their description whose existence or state will ultimately matter simultaneously indelibly to all life to every living being. What ideas or entities or phenomena might such a perennial list detail?

The entanglement spectrum and the imprinting of cellular state information upon metamatter described by the LINE hypothesis during the instantiation period, the lifetime of any individual QEF is such a common cause. This information transfer may be compared to the formatting of a computer hard-drive by its electronic circuitry. In this analogy metamatter is akin to the unformatted ferrite coating of the HD disc surface. During the course of every lifetime the cell, natures entanglement circuit, writes or imprints information via its entanglement molecules to entangled metamatter. This information transferred to the universal repository of metamatter is essentially evolutionary formatting via natural entanglement and occurs during the course of each lifetime by every living hosts specific DNA and entangled degrees of freedom (QEF). As the ferrite particles of a HD are altered or formatted by the computers programmed circuitry via electromagnetism so too is matamatter by the host and its LifeID via the entanglement spectrum. As any individual POV establishes yet another place and time in any universe this conservation of information transfer or imprinting upon meta matter occurs and in so doing this universal cloud storage repository of state information stored in metamatter becomes the major driver behind evolution and the emergence of initial or existing host forms throughout nature. Neither distance nor time nor the persistence of any particular matter structure be it species, planet, star, galaxy or perhaps even universe is essential for the continuation or proliferation of this mechanism because the viability of such forms to host life are all that is required. These matter based components are one means by which a POV may be hosted but are not necessary for the instantiation of the individual thus are properly transient and temporary. The instantiation of life by natural entanglement occurs with equal persistence regardless of the location or proliferation of living hosts in the immensity of the cosmos. The only mechanism which possesses the natural description to implement such an amazing feat is an natural immutable universal entanglement spectrum.

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Why should any living being love or care for its offspring, or about its family, about ones species, for ones village and country, or about your eco-system and planet, or even your local Star? How does any individual assign concern to these locally interdependent physical forms? Any assignment of concern in this regard depends on ones species and culture. The sea tortoise lays her eggs in a carefully excavated hole on a particular beach then gently covers them over with sand then leaves them forever to the not often tender graces of circumstance. The bald eagle pairs with a mate for a time to prepare a nest for her eggs and together they care and rare their young to a viable state of readiness for its new life. Human beings have taken the raring of familial members to an extreme mostly as a cultural demand. With adequate enlightenment we begin to extend our concern to other members of our and other defined species and the communities they form and the environment which makes it all possible? All this occurs in the absence of any certainty about the true nature of one’s living circumstances. How are we here? Where were we before? What or where comes next. For some, abject denial offers occasional respite from the unknown, however, eventually no human escapes the wonderment endemic to the conundrum of life.

The layers of concern we manifest for the various structures that form our existence and upon which we depend for survival and well being at this emergent macroscopic level can be described as a sphere or bubble of concern. This bubble describes all of the cultural and instinctual notions which form an individual’s concerns for its surroundings. For humankind this bubble may be manifested by particularly rich narratives based on instinct, imagination, fear, ambition, perceptions, and as of relatively recently on empirical data. Each host form or species and the individuals instantiated therein may be circumstantially free to define its own unique bubble of concerns which describe the day to day trajectory of the individual’s current life. The stresses intrinsic to being alive for any living being able to fathom such notions are significant and unavoidable. The bubble of concern comes from an evolved need to survive not just physically but also cognitively. Ones bubble of concern contributes to the definition of one’s living reality.

The evolution of experience which defines the sphere of concern in living hosts often fosters a progressive increase of sensitivity to the environment. Being overly sensitive or overly sensory in an entropic universe may not be the best condition for a living being. Humans have five major senses but this by no means defines a limit for viable hosts. We need not think about all which we cannot sense just as do other creatures that share this ecosystem with us. What of the world might a being with more than five senses glean? Are there host forms possessing sensory implementations that permit a being to sense the state or condition of its ecosystem perhaps as a kind of emotion? Or sense the presence of a POV, the presence of life itself? It is difficult to imagine what experiences there can be which you can't, however, the fundamental natural implementation of life in this universe, natural entanglement, which brings no experience of its own, does indeed accommodate an untold diversity of living forms and their emergent skills and accompanying spheres of concern limited only by the metaphorical imagination of nature herself.

However, Just beyond the proverbial skin of this sphere are the natural laws of cause and effect that determine when where and how any living being is located in space-time, ones position-of-view (POV). A POV, instantiated by natural entanglement, is the rigid framework which defines and drives the presence of individuality throughout this universe. With distance being no barrier to this teleportation channel, as living hosts emerge and evolve out of the isolation of initial living forms, biological or otherwise, and as living hosts evolve to permit survival of the entangled state and experience, these also define ones unique sphere of concern centered upon ones the POV, upon you. The POV is the naturally teleportable definition, the instantiation, the kernel, of one’s individuality in this universe.

This behavior of concern or caring, whether instinctual or cognitive, although mostly culturally defined at the emerged host level, fundamentally derives from the basic natural cause and effect implementation of life itself, an implementation about which most life on earth today is utterly unaware including humankind. The imprinting of metamatter caused by the instantiation by natural entanglement that defines you, the individual, your position-of-view, is the source of this perceived concern. For offspring of basic hosts, like a single cell that divides to create new cells, it is only the cause manifested from the imprinting or tuning of metamatter by similar genetic progeny that renders apparent attachment to offspring. For a cell or microbe it is nothing more than the evolved tendency of like to seek like.

Metamatter imprinted by a newly available host’s progeny enters more easily into an entangled state with that new host, thereby increasing the value or scalar magnitude of the individuals’ (QEF) fidelity of teleportation (FT) and thereby ones reinstantiation prospects with similar species. Species evolution simply selects for this similarity by genetic variation as it does for many other properties. It gives the species an evolutionary benefit via access to non-local cellular state information stored in more similarly imprinted metamatter. The drive to proliferate ones’ own similarly imprinted matamatter is advanced by spreading ones current genetics (DNA), however, genetics are local to ones current position in space-time. Whereas the coherent state information stored in metamatter during the course of each lifetime, made accessible to living hosts throughout nature via ones uniquely defined natural teleportation channel, is one major driver of evolution throughout the cosmos even when the viability of local circumstances catastrophically cease to exist. Today most understand the drive to procreate only as the individual’s dedication to host offspring or to species. Seen from humankind’s evolved cognitive vantage point we narrate this effect as love and caring described by a lexicon of emotional terms, from these perceptions emerge community, religion, politics and culture.
To be clear, nobody is challenging the concept of entropy. It is the concept of anti-entropy that we are calling into question.

Thank you for the reference. These French authors appear to be attempting to define anti-entropy, for the first time, in this paper, which dates from 2009. By their own admission it has no meaning in physics. Having read their paper, I honestly wonder if it is a spoof. They seem unable to say what this concept really does: see for example the concluding paragraph, which starts off clearly enough but swiftly degenerates into incomprehensibility, laced with references to Schroedinger, who had no particular competence in analysing biological complexity. There is also a bizarre reference to the equivalence of mass and energy, mentioned in the context of biomass, as if the mass present in living things is somehow made of "energy" as opposed to mass derived from inanimate nutrients etc. Quite baffling and awfully confused.

The paper seems to me a terrible piece of work. Has it been followed up by others or is it a joke?
IMO (<--), entropy would be characterized by disorder and the OP's 'anti-entropy' would be represented by order. (HSIRI)
IMO (<--), entropy would be characterized by disorder and the OP's 'anti-entropy' would be represented by order. (HSIRI)
Your opinion would be incorrect. A disordered system has high entropy and an ordered system has low entropy, not anti-entropy. That is like saying when it is cold outside it is anti-temperature.
Your opinion would be incorrect. A disordered system has high entropy and an ordered system has low entropy, not anti-entropy. That is like saying when it is cold outside it is anti-temperature.
Simply stating what I think was the OP's understanding and intent. Of course, technically you are correct!
In what order does the instantiation of life by natural entanglement select, and assign, any individual QEF to ones next host form, among the great diversity of genetic lineages on Earth, and perhaps elsewhere in this universe? As we live, we fixate on our current host species and its genetically related ancestry, and its future prospects, not realizing that one’s current defined species may be only one of many viable forms that have hosted your POV in past instantiations. In the short term, this diversity of lineages that has played host to you, to your position-of-view, may very well include a few different species and near-species. However, in the longer term history of earth-life, for any individual, ones host history may include a great many, often very different host forms. Further, Parents and ancestors are current and bygone individuals (QEF’s) that were also hosted by Earths tree of life.

The degrees-of-freedom (DOF), of the QE spectrum, and their implementation in the LINE process, may reveal underlying complexities which defines categories of QEF types which determines which host forms are able to instantiate certain QEF types. Ergo, not all QEF can immediately be hosted by all forms. A single cell may not be capable of hosting your QEF. Metaphorically speaking, as your FM radio cannot tune a TV signal. Not because your QEF is in any way dedicated specifically to the human form, but due to the underlying defining structure of the QE spectrum, and the underlying metaverse (Hilbert-space), and the topographies of their interface with this universe. Such a determination will require invasive research to discover the truth of it. Because this is a nuanced, and not at all as simple a thing as it may at first seem. Further, the LINE hypothesis suggests that QEF are described by the DOF’s of the QE spectrum, which are governed by nuances of the underlying metaverse. Consequentially, only a certain range of the entanglement spectrum may be exposed to any particular universe. Ergo, the QE spectrum may be essentially pre-filtered by overriding conditions, and circumstances, to expose this universe to only a certain band of QEF. That is, of potential individuals, which is then further filtered, or tuned, by more local circumstances described by ones fidelity of teleportation (FT), which instantiate these available QEF to compatible viable hosts. All of this contributes to the natural description of how you came to be what you are, where you are, and what comes next.

Like you, each ancestor, via their instantiated hosts, have participated in the local dissemination-of genetic information through various processes of procreation. More significantly, however, also by storing its cellular state to entangled metamatter over the course of each lifetime. Ones ancestors are bygone lives of individual QEF’s that, like you, were temporarily instantiated to hosts that contributed genetically to yours, in any given instance of life. However, more influentially, also by contributing to the universal repository of evolutionary information. This tuning influences ones FT value, and future prospects for reinstantiation. Each of those individual QEF’s are also on their own trajectory through the universal network of life. Via this mutual, cellular-QEF tuning of universal evolutionary information, individuals of ancestral QEF’s, could cross paths with your trajectory again. Realizing and comparing the DNA mediated tree of host forms on Earth, with the natural teleportation network that governs the assignment of individuality to those forms, will no doubt be a new and unfamiliar cognitive hurdle for humankind. If you feel evolution has been rough going, then buckle-up.
Ones’ gene pool defines a region on the Darwinian tree of earth-life. The LINE hypothesis suggests that this region encompasses all of those host forms which have contributed genetically to your current form, and also to the metamatter imprinted by those forms during each instantiation. During each lifetime imprinted metamatter defines, or tunes, the individuals' fidelity of teleportation (FT). Ones’ gene pool encompasses all hosts possessing similarly converging genetic underpinnings to your current host form, because you did not instantiate your current form entirely by random accident. Each individual QEF, alive in its current host, has earned its right to occupy that host.

A species may have wide and relatively secure genetic foundations and circumstances in its current ecosystem, or not. For example, the individuals in a newly founded Mars colony will clearly have no genetic roots in that habitat such as it is. Even if we terraform Mars with the nonbiological conditions need to sustain earth-life, air, water, temperature, pressure etc., the probability of a colonists' position-of-view (POV) re-instantiating, being naturally born into this Mars ecosystem will be very low. However, if we managed to seed the newly established Mars ecosystem with earth-life, whether human or not, then this will slowly but progressively increase the chances, over time, of hosting similarly tuned individual LIFEID's to local hosts.

The FT of any host for life within one's gene pool is not reduced by travel, or relocation in space-time, because, the mechanism of instantiation, natural entanglement, is distance agnostic. Of course species as a group are defined by their population, and as reinstantiation is a statistical mechanism, not unlike a lottery, likewise each host which comes into existence, whether on earth or on Mars, like a lottery ticket, has some chance, in this case defined by its calculated FT, to host a particular LIFEID, even if that LIFEID was last instantiated, living, at a location whether inches, miles, millions of miles, billions of light years, or even universes away.

Ergo, if a new Mars colonist died on Mars, or even in the space between these, or indeed any, two habitats for life, that individuals FT remains unaffected by its location. That individuals LIFEID remains highly likely to re-instantiate, establish a new POV, on Earth simply because that is where the most opportunities for similar genetic natural entanglement for any indigenous earth-being currently exists in this universe. Ergo, genetic home, while it remains viable, always calls to the individual.
The LINE hypothesis suggests that there is no multiverse, however, there is a metaverse (aka Hilbert-space). In a metaverse, universes evolve by a process of Darwinian evolutionary natural selection, not unlike the evolutionary process we see in viable ecosystems for life in this universe. The universe or verse in which one finds one’s self is but one viable species of verse on this tree, or complex of verses, which has evolved to host individual life by its unique laws of physics. Many verses will not have this fortune of circumstance. A verse with no evolved mechanism by which to instantiate individual life may nonetheless inherit this capability from the evolutionary information imprinted in metamatter by other compatible verses which in turn inherited likewise from others. This is different from a multiverse in that, within the metaverse, verses may actually evolve, inherit, and in a sense compete, and even consume one another for existence, not unlike the way galaxies do, all on a time scale which makes the age of one's universe seem infinitesimal by comparison. Within the metaverse complex, the state or health if you will, of a verse is indicated by whether it is contracting or expanding and the rate of each. So where does the big bang fit in?

The metaverse is essentially an ecosystem where verses are the evolving species. However, resist the temptation to over extend this analogy with life as we know it. The goings on in the metaverse is governed by physics that are necessarily unfamiliar to the physics within any universe that it may produce. What we refer to as a big bang is but one of many metaverse phenomena which only hints at the goings on in this unfamiliar realm of nature. The appearance of the big bang to us as some kind of an explosion is as nondescript as the way a rain drop falling from the clouds may appear to a microbe caught therein, attempting to describe the hurricane, planet and solar system from which the drop emerged. In this, the microbe is just along for the ride. The degrees of freedom at work in the metaverse are far from fathomable by humankind. This is not a limitation of intellectual capacity, but rather a limitation of the type of intellect that is possible in ones universe.

The unique laws of physics of different verses manifest not just fundamentally different types of host forms, but also their very own unique type of position of view (POV). This is due to the unique degrees of freedom and topographies which define a particular verse and its laws of physics. Further, as in our universe, all life in each unique verse can only instantiate that same unique type of POV to become the kernels, the seeds of evolution for any living individual hosted by that universe regardless of the specifics of the indigenous ecosystems therein. Each viable verse is a different realm for instantiation and produces living individuals which can evolve to fathom its own living circumstances in that verse as humankind may in this universe while finding the nature of other verses impenetrable. You see, intellect is but one tier of an inverted pyramid of capability which evolves from the seed that is the instantiated POV. However, in the rich pallet of possibilities for life described by the metaverse, there are no doubt verses which evolve living beings which can transcend some of these limitations. This may ultimately prove to be such a verse.

A Metaverse by its hypothesized nature permits universes like ours to evolve with uniquely tuned degrees of freedom that seem too specific to be randomly emerged, this is because they are not, they are evolved. Like species verses do not lose evolutionary information like inanimate entities do. As in living beings, via the entanglement spectrum, each verse can store and inherit evolutionary information imprinted by its living tenants to metamatter. This imprinted cloud-storage repository of intra, and inter-universal evolutionary information mediated by natural laws of conservation of information, such as the monogamy of natural entanglement, not only guides the evolution of species, but also influences the evolution of verses to become finely tuned, unique habitats for life in the Darwinian complex of the metaverse.
Evolution, the mechanism by which ones ecology mediates living hosts, species, is an important tier of understanding for living beings to evolve to be able to comprehend within any viable ecosystem in this universe. However, although difficult to initially fathom, understanding species evolution is a distant runner-up to understanding the natural mechanism which mediates the mobility of one’s individuality that is ones position-of-view (POV). This is why the understanding offered by the LINE Hypothesis is the single most personally important idea that any living being will ever have the opportunity to consider, regardless of species or ecosystem in this or perhaps any universe.

Earths archeological and hard fossil record suggests that Earths ecology has produced no more than one species capable of assimilating and making use of this knowledge regarding the natural mechanism by which nature mediates individuality in this universe. This is not to suggest what untold secrets earth’s soft species history has produced, but of which no indelible imprints of its existence remain. Nonetheless, the importance of this knowledge is precisely because the intelligence and circumstances, indeed the opportunity necessary for any culture to gain the capability to assimilate and make use of this understanding is so rare. The evolved intelligence necessary for living individuals to comprehend their own natural implementation is one of the rarest and most pivotal evolutionary realizations in this universe for any ecosystem to develop, prove, and culturally accept. Mollusks can’t do it, ants can’t do it, only humankind currently has that incredibly rare and fleeting opportunity to comprehend, accept, and make use of this very real existence transcending knowledge. Further, the window of opportunity is not permanent and once gone, for humankind, it may be gone forever.

Currently, humankind is as are all other species in earth’s ecosystem, wild. We define wild-life as those host cultures that have not organized socially and culturally to reduce their dependence on the resources circumstantially provided by chance to some useful or perceived extent. However, this is a somewhat self-serving definition. In reality the true definition of wild-life is an ecosystems lack of a culture, consisting of any number of species, able to take deliberate control of individual instantiation into ones living circumstances. To continue, like all other species in its ecosystem to be arbitrarily reinstantiated by the probabilities of random chance which mediates when, where, and in what form one will live in your next instantiation, in your next life. Failure to have evolved sufficiently to reach this stage of development is the very definition of wild-life. Neither farming, nor art, or tool making or even genetic manipulation of living hosts alone moves an ecosystem across this life and existence altering threshold.

Make no mistake; this achievement is indeed an ecosystem-altering feature. Ideally, once fully acted upon, the lines between species take on an entirely different significance as any individual may live and experience life in whatever available forms they please for as long as they please. It all begins by discovering the entanglement cell and molecule. Of course, the details of this local implementation depend on culture as some cultures may elect to permit the existence of only engineered rather than evolved host forms and may elect to control which individual QEF’s are instantiated to those select hosts. The ability to transfer between forms, independent of distance in this universe, once achieved will blur the line of distinction that now exists in the human mind regarding life, individuality, and space-time.

The importance of an idea like the LINE hypothesis stems from the fact that it marks the introduction to the understanding needed for living beings to escape the uncontrolled instantiation lottery of nature which confines living individuals within a particular ecosystem to untold lifetimes of arbitrary natural reinstantiations to randomly emerged host forms, (the true definition of wild-life). Such forms are incapable of assimilating and making use of such knowledge and therefore unable to assume deliberate control over the process that mediates the individuals living circumstances. In the nearly four billion years of earth-life, consider ones lifetimes as, and the existence of, a species such as humankind, despite all of its proud prior achievements, to be nothing more than a narrow window of opportunity within which instantiated individuals to this capable host form may understand, comprehend and act upon the true nature of life in this universe, to develop technology able to control when, where, and to what forms ones POV is instantiated, in essence to control your being. Further, consider what a tragedy it would be if a culture such as this forfeits this singular opportunity only to embrace the ignorance which defines the wild condition. Like every other endeavor into nature’s workings its ramifications and its morality and dangers will be clear and present, but may nonetheless be regarded as a necessary price to pay for this essential next step in the evolution of life on earth.
So, I have a position of view (POV), how then does my POV interact with my body? The LINE hypothesis suggests that in all living entities the hosting form has evolved to establish, maintain, and protect the delicate quantum state that is the position of view (POV) from intrusion, or specific violation. Failure of the host in this basic responsibility is the very definition of death. In this endeavor, the body and POV have coevolved to have the POV as the target, the kernel of certain host-specific processes and functions. In any given instance of life, these functions establish your presence and other evolved manifestations of the host, broadly describable as experiences. This interaction between the POV and the host form, sufficiently evolved, is the manifestation described in human cultures for generations, using one word or another, as the mind.

The mind is one tier of implementation above the actual instantiation of the POV. While the POV will exist in every living entity, even in the absence of evolved systems that may manifest a recognizable mind, a mind cannot exist in the absence of the POV. The mind is the interaction of the POV with the living form. The mind functions as an antenna, or a receiver for whatever workings, and telemetry, and other evolved manifestations the host, such as it is, is capable of producing. i.e. memory, consciousness, self-awareness, intelligence, thought etc., or the lack thereof. The POV brings none of these features, but only that which may experience these features. The classically measurable implementation of the POV is as a standing quantum wave, established at the individual’s unique QEF, one’s own unique values of the degrees of freedom (DOF) of the QE spectrum. The POV is maintained by the entanglement molecules (EM) within all cells, and in emerged species by the entanglement cells (EC). Further, the physical host establishes a very real bond with the POV. This POV-host bond (POVH) is not unlike the standing waves shared between the valence shells of atoms which establish and maintain covalent bonds that join molecules in this universe. It is the POVH bond which naturally provides the foundation of the mind upon which the individual’s first person sense of presence may evolve in all living beings, within you.

The POV is implemented, in biological hosts, during gestation at the point where instantiation occurs in the growing host form by the EM and EC. However, in sufficiently evolved complex host forms, the mind is established when the nervous system (i.e. Brain) form the unique infrastructure which may interface with the POV. This interface of the nervous system with the POV also takes the form of a standing quantum wave maintained by other specialized cells of the host which maintains the coupling which describes the POVH bond between these two, critical natural implementations. This joining provides the antenna state which becomes the basis for experience we call the mind. This temporary, but crucial link lasts a lifetime and naturally manifests the collapsed reality as well as the possibility to evolve perception and experience for one living individual. Because the POVH bond is essentially a molecular bond, it also may be represented by a mathematical equation or Hamiltonian. This Hamiltonian has its roots based on the Schrödinger wave equation. This is the quantum mechanical equation that very powerfully represents the complex standing probability waves of electrons in shells around atomic nuclei observed in atoms and molecules. However, this similarity will have very definite limits because, unlike molecules, the interactions and DOF that produce the POV are not derived exclusively from interactions between standard-model entities, but between matter with metamatter. Metamatter is hypothesized to be a non-local particle that very weakly interacts in this space-time. Therefore, to formulate the proper wave equations for the POV, the DOF which permits the EM within living cells to share a coherent quantum channel with metamatter, will have to be well defined through intensive research. This research will begin with the discovery of the EC and the EM.

An apt analogy for the role of the POV within living hosts is to consider an individual in the middle of an atmospheric storm. A storm may take on many forms, and have a number of features such as winds, tornados, rain, snow, hail, lightening, thunder, clouds etc. all described by certain degrees of freedom, temperature, pressure, humidity, surface absorption and radiation coefficients etc. which inform varying storm intensities. As a storm circumstantially manifests, it may be given various categorizations, akin to species of storm, and may evolve to a form that may even be given a proper name, an identity. Consider if we placed a living being, a human being for example, at the center of our imagined storm. This individual does not add to, and takes nothing away from the storms manifestations and activities. This individual does however bring, in the case of a human being, one individual’s singular perspective within the storm. This individual has its own capabilities and functions which define it as such. Additionally, if this person has a communications device with an open channel, they may transfer information from within the storm to the outside world. This individual only very weakly interacts with the storm itself. This individual presents both a conduit and a target for information and experience from the storm, but in one direction only.

Likewise, the instantiated POV bonded to a living host form is metaphorically similar to this in that the POV brings no effect or affect of its own, but is essentially a teleportation channel bonded to a host, able to receive telemetry and imprint information manifested by its living host. This interaction, this POVH bond in human beings, for example, which receives telemetry manifested by the human brain centered upon the individual POV, is the very definition of the mind. The mind can be described as being composed of two primary components, the POV, and the rest. On earth, the rest may be anything from; not much at all, as in a single cell, to the complex workings of a fully functional complex nervous system and brain of the human host. Whether in a human, in an eagle, a mantis, or an octopus, the POVH bond is the bond that builds upon the standing wave of the POV which manifests the QE connection to metamatter in all life. Further, in sufficiently evolved forms, the POVH bond becomes the mind. The description of the mind in various species is subject to cultural definition and perceptions, accurate or not, regarding a particular host forms observed behavior and nervous system function, or the lack thereof. However, to be accurate any definition of the mind must include the QE connection and POV as an essential prerequisite of individuality in any living presence in this space-time.
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