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Duck n Cover

Well it seems NASA/JPL is playing Duck n Cover once more. Rather than FACE any questions directly by LIVE TV cameras and tape recorders and LIVE reporters, they ducked a press conference and went scurrying for cover after 'leaking' its biggest turnaround in 26 years so far to date anyway, LOTS n LOTS n LOTS of water on Mars, NOW! Not a gazillion years in the past, but laying there just a yard down into that previous 'cold, dead, dry, dusty dune of place' that they had been touting to the public for this past quarter century. They have put the CO2 fluid proponents off the stage for good with this one, yet they refuse to make a big deal of it, politically. Which is surprising since this whole Mars 'Investigation' is as dual an exercise in the science of politics as it is about the politics of science. FOLLOW THE WATER was the NASA/JPL mantra repeated and repeated and restated that water would be needed for LIFE and for PEOPLED missions. Yet now with finding literally a planet-wide ocean of the stuff, they fail to toot the horns and throw their hats into the air with jubilee?! This is most definitively NOT the NASA of the Apollo era, or even Pathfinder so recent where more emotion was forthcoming than had been seen in a long time, and has not been really seen since. I mean when the Principle Investigators need to be 'dragged kicking and screaming':

to see things that others already knew is a far cry from a scientific enthusiasm for new data, no matter how it may shatter precious preconceived notions of false perceptions.

Again, many like Effrain Palmero and Jill England knew it was SEEPING out ALL over the place:

along with images of LIQUID water ON the surface:

the real 'news' actually is that NASA/JPL, while releasing their OWN leak, decided to cancel their press conference BECAUSE of that leak. Which is surprising since they had previously said there was OCEANS of water on Mars TWO ( 2 ) YEARS AGO ! ! !

And in the 'new leaks',

it seems that the HIGHEST temperature possible (according to Odyssey's instruments???) ON THE SURFACE of Mars remains STILL locked in at 0 deg C, or 32 deg F, or, to put it more importantly, the point at which (pure) WATER ICE becomes a liquid here on Earth. Why is that?, when Pathfinder recorded a balmy 70 deg F on the surface?

In additional observations about this 'science by press release' and the politicizing of the story, I would have thought that these Mars NASA/JPL scientists and Principle Investigators would be just a wee wee LITTLE bit more inclined to step out of those big ol' boxes their intellects have been stuck into for more than 25 years. Apparently I was wrong, they are JUST AS ENTRENCHED AS EVER in their little preconceived notion of what is up there on Mars:

"They could always boil the water and not have to worry about bacteria. My guess is, based on everything we know at Mars is that water would be pretty pure, with no organic matter in it at all," Boynton said.

Maybe Dr.William Boynton, principal investigator for Odyssey's gamma ray spectrometer suite at the University of Arizona, Tucson should do some more investigations into such things as GIANT LIFE FORMS!!!

Or even to take another look at Dr. Levin's work now that it is being confirmed as being real AND valid AND positive scientific results?

At least Dr. Gil Levin has his OWN intellectual strings still in his own control:
"I am surprised that no mention was made of putting the Pathfinder data and the Odyssey data together," Levin told "Pathfinder found the surface temperature of Mars to exceed freezing, and Odyssey reports near-surface ice over wide regions including the Pathfinder landing area, and the Viking landing areas," he said.

And it is sad that this mentality of NOT connecting the dots and seeing LIFE is not located in just ONE of these great PHD's currently involved with Odyssey:
"Bruce Jakosky, an astrobiologist at the University of Colorado in Boulder, said the Odyssey data points to a climate story, rather than a biology tale. "

And despite Pathfinder reporting 70 deg F surface temperatures this feller STILL believes this:

"At present, there is no way to warm this water ice enough to get even trace amounts of liquid. The ice is in equilibrium with atmospheric vapor," he said.

One wonders just when oh when oh when will the 'blinder' on that Lady of Justice fall and she can once more 'see the light of truth'?

And if you expect this news to SPUR a new push for a humaned mission soon?:

"Odyssey's revelations, Garvin said, will not alter NASA's step-by-step plan to explore Mars. " Which means a possible sample return by 2015, and NOT a humaned mission until sometime AFTER 2020.

Yet we once had such grand plans:

How did we waste our history?

"Mars will not let us down," Garvin concluded. No, but NASA/JPL have once again done EXACTLY that despite confirming with detailed maps what they ALREADY had announced back on March 1, 2002; that they had said two years ago in June 2000; that there was LOTS of water on Mars just below the surface. This news conference was hopefully to be something MORE than just a more detailed map of the previously disclosed gross distributions.

New 'news' NASA's Oceans on Mars:

Not only did NASA let us down by pulling a no-show, they have yet to follow through on past promises with MGS MOC and Odyssey data releases. To 'just get the data out there'.

Promise to image Cydonia and release images:

And the MGS MOC promise NEVER fulfilled:

and which NASA admitted in a FOIA to me.

Also it has been awhile since the April 2002 Cydonia Face and D&M Pyramid image has since already been acquired by the THEMIS, except that not ALL of the information acquired at the time ( when was the image acquired ? we'd like to know NASA ) was released to the media and the taxpaying public, nor to those of us who are truly interested in this enigmatic area.

Here is a PRIME image of the famous D & M pyramid and the Cydonia Face and in further study and homework we learn that a full five color visible image AND a 9 spectrum infrared image is available ON THE SENSORS at the SAME TIME as this Odyssey space craft is flying over the most interesting landscape on the planet, in near-perfect lighting, and ONLY ONE (1) , repeat ONLY 1 ( ONE ) sensor bank was 'commanded' to be 'read' by the onboard computer???

C'MON ! ! !

I will only 'presume' that IF, and HOPEFULLY, ALL the bands were commanded to be read, AS IS POSSIBLE, for this image; that the withholding of this information is 'political'. If that is the case, then we should do all we can do to peacefully change this political conundrum. Because if ALL the bands were NOT commanded to be read, then that is one wasted wonderful opportunity to really show us all out here the FULL capabilities of this instrument in a landscape that has attracted more of humanity's attention on Mars than any other. THAT would be a shame. Sort of like letting George gut the White House for an indoor baseball field. Or like watching the hearings now concerning the failures of our intelligence agencies to handle the data they acquire in a manner that is accurate or timely. NASA seems to be having the same problems concerning ANYTHING about Cydonia on Mars! The very FIRST Cydonia Face image they had with the MGS MOC was distorted so bad that it has earned the nickname the 'Catbox' image. And the latest image has only ONE band of sensors operating???

People say I and others calling for the IMMEDIATE release of the raw data from these spacecraft should just wait. We've BEEN waiting. When data is finally released, in the last Mars Face MOC case it was THIRTEEN months when they are only 'allowed' SIX months, not only is it late, it is actually been distorted when presented to the public.

Only the raw data remains pure. And THAT continues to be withheld beyond allowable limits, and ALL that raw data is possibly NOT being acquired by the THEMIS team! Should we wait and wait to find out that the THEMIS team 'blew it' like our intelligence agencies did? That the NASA bureaucracy is just as 'overwhelmed' to undertake it's task properly as is other branches of our government? Our intelligence agencies are beginning to ask for the American Public's help in defending the homeland, maybe its time NASA started asking for the help of the image analysts out here with processing all that raw data they are sitting on. We can at least do better than this very FIRST presentation of the Cydonia Face to the public back in 1998 after a quarter century of a lack of data, and the FIRST try out, located on the left in the image below,

was a complete 'Catbox' effort. Sadly, some of the efforts regarding Cydonia haven't gotten much better by them. If they aren't going to do their jobs and do HONEST science with this raw data, at least they should let us out here do it for them. Or at least also live up their already made promises, and to only hang on to that raw data they want for 'egotistical publishing' purposes for the 6 months they are allowed, instead of DOCUMENTED 13 months. That is just plain dishonesty out in the open where the Principle Investigator knows there will be no penalty for flaunting the rules in our CYDONIAN FACES. So why should the University of Arizona act any different? They haven't yet. There STILL has been NO pre-announcement of imaging of Cydonia, and NO releasing of the raw data. Our government tax dollars hard at work, but not for us.
THAT is the sad BRUTAL TRUTH !

Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.

Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ??

Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk.
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.

Bob... ;-{)
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