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Is there a way to change text colour in dos. I wana "matrix" green one;) Maybe you know Zion?

(me not work in dos frequently, so me does not know if this question is stupid and me should have known how to do tht:D)
Okay I've got your answer, I did a lookup and also gave it a test.

What I'm about to place, doesn't work in a DOS window within Windows :(

But it does work on a DOS prompt (if you boot into Dos without going into windows.)

Firstly, you will need to add to your CONFIG.SYS file (Usually C:\Config.sys) the following line:


(This might be different if you located your windows in a different drive or different folder)

Then you have to decide... Do I want to change my colours manually or have it fixed to change on bootup.

If it's the later, then place the Following line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, but make it the last line. (C:\autoexec.bat)

PROMPT $e[0;32;40m$p$g

If you want to do it manually, just type that line in a command prompt.

You can substitue the 0 for any of the following:

1 Bold on
4 Underscore (only on Monochrome)
5 Blink
7 Reverse Video
8 Conceal

you can change the 32 (Foreground/text colour)

30 Black
31 Red
32 Green
33 Yellow
34 Blue
35 Magenta
36 Cyan
37 White

The 40 (background colour) can be:

40 Black
41 Red
42 Green
43 Yellow
44 Blue
45 Magenta
46 Cyan
47 White

Simple really :D
Hey Av,


yes,this was also my intention once i saw "THE MATRIX" and i sorted the problem out in SWG forums.the same way as Stryder said.sorry i wasnt coming here because the only thread was being discussed was Gamerz...nothing against it though...
Green looks cool,and yeah dont forget to increase the size of your dos cursor.then it would look the same way as would want it to be...;)

But if you have WinNT,or Win XP pro.(Cracked or original)you can change the color directly...

I use WinMe (I know it's a shit, but I choosed for a try after my last hdd format). I cannot afford WinXP for the resources it drains.

PII 333
128 Mb RAM
4+1Gb HDD
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