Disclosure (the truth about Lord Krishna)

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by kmguru, Nov 6, 2016.

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    I was trying to discuss about Disclosure on Aliens and ET and ended up talking about Krishna...here it is. I got badjered by Avalon people. Let us see what happens here....THANK YOU.

    Here are my thoughts;

    Earth got into an Inter-dimensional war long ago. Earth got devastated (including Moon Stations) while Rama Civilization was present here. It happened because, at that time, Rama had super Space Fairing civilization.

    I was an engineer like Scotty in one of those ccylindricalshape Space Ships and Abraham Lincoln (in another life) was the Captain. You can check this from a real psychic.

    Then about 100,000 years ago, we left planet Earth to a new planet along with the other race called Hanuman (you can read about them in Ramayana). Lord Krishna's Civilization were the Ambassador to Planet Earth at that time.

    I can not provide details, as some information is not allowed by Heaven. What I get, I can post it...that is all. That is because, we do not have to know...plain and simple.

    Then life continued till about 12,000 years when Lord Krishna's ship had some issues and came in. The war was still going on, in our Galaxy then. Krishna's people had to shoot down several probes in our solar system. Then the enemy came back to Earth and had to be fought again. This is Mahabharata in story form.
    Lord Krishna settled down at Dwaraka to help the locals and taught them Sanskrit.

    This is where I was born again and connected to Lord Krishna group (Shiva and Vishnu and others). So, the plan was to improve left over humanity again to the same level as Rama People.

    What Plan?

    In this Universe, we live in energy and matter. That is how the Universe grows. Well, normally the plan takes place in Heaven, then it goes to corporeal body and here we are doing stuff. The catch is, we have Free Will...I can explain that later.
    As humans we do not normally connect to Heaven, I had the same problem...due to some personal issues, I had to seriously meditate. Then I learn all these....and more.

    It is forbidden to get certain information because what human society did to people who were connected. So, you get bits and pieces of information. Actually, it does not matter. The plan is the plan, and you are doing them. So, what is the point of knowing there is a heaven?

    But there is a catch. We create messes in our society. Our Universe Enemy never were connected to Heaven for Billions of Years. So, they killed all other life forms and got seriously messed up. That is why Heaven wants us to be connected, otherwise we shoot others and get killed for it as a Planet. That is why, I am pushing Deep Meditation.

    The plan is for me to come back in 500 years and work on space ships and connect the links to our ETs...and we go. By them we all will be fully in meditation.

    Oh, Lord Krishna's group saw Greys on Planet Earth about a million years ago. That is because, there are just a few twin planets in the Universe where life forms exist both sides. We are one of those. So, Greys come here like they are next door. It is a dimensional gate. And they are a million years in advanced in Technology.

    We have to cross that before we go to any place long range. You may call it Hyper space. But they are highly advanced. So, you have to make friends with them to go anywhere. That is how life is.

    Oh! there is a Prime Directive that you saw at Star Trek...ideas flow from Heaven to Earth...you know...the Plan

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    Part of top people in Heaven wants us to be connected, so that we can do our jobs better and get out of BAD Governance which is now over 100,000 on Planet Earth. (That is connected to the Economy and InEquality you know)

    Hope I am clear on this....THANK YOU.
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  3. kmguru Staff Member


    The most fundamental information about reincarnation is found in Bhagavad-gita. In Chapter 2, Krishna explains in a rational, simple and clearly understandable way how the soul travels from body to body. This fact is not a question of belief but is relatively easy to understand and to accept with logical conclusions.

    The prerequisite for this understanding of reincarnation is that one understands the difference between the body and the soul.

    more item coming here...

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  5. wellwisher Banned Banned

    The body is physical while the soul is metaphysical. The soul is eternal. The soul appears at birth and continues to exist after death of the body. The soul is the first and the transcendent principle, that animates physical matter in cycles; ice (matter) into water (matter+soul) then back to ice.

    It is similar to making perfect crystals; matter. We heat; soul, the matter so it softens and the atoms rearrange. We then cool the matter to lock the change. We do this another time, so any defects in the matter, have more time to reach perfection, then we cool again. This continues until the crystal is pure and the soul is no longer needed. The soul then transcends, changed by the perfection it created in the matter.

    It is similar to way creative ideas interface idea development. We start with an idea; soul. The idea appears before it is real. We then apply; incarnate, the idea into reality to make it happen. Reality has certain physical constraints. This places limits on what is possible, relative to the new idea; soul. We keep on with the R&D making the process; matter, better and better until it reaches perfection. At perfection, the soul (idea) may not be like the original idea. Rather the original idea is molded by the perfection limits of the matter. Now it time for the soul to begin a new project; transcend.
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