Desktop Screen Shots

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Dammit man... like really, attach your pics, you're making this thread annoying..
man, I like it. what program are you using? is that XP? wow, badass looking desktops.
yeah, i got MOHAA from it. now i'm lookin for an FTP that has the spearhead expansion pack :cool:

Hotline and SecureFX have saved me lots of money! i got RTCW when it was still $60 at hastings :p
dude what's with my pc? F6 takes a screenshot right?? where does it save it? BTW i have win2k
LMAO!! Press "Print Screen" then go into an image application ie MSPaint or Photoshop then click paste. Save it.

here's mine currently

i made the background with Bryce 5. i've made more i'll put em on my site

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