Dance as exercise

though i think the song is stupid, it was released on halloween so it was apt. however, the choreography is pretty good with the devil horns and that whole vixen swag.

i personally like just androgynous choreography that's dynamic. but to each their own.

it's adorable. of course, they are not professional dancers but this choreography is fun for anyone to try.

these new groups are not that new, like most things in life. this is an old group and these dance practices are old as well. the choreography always had to be perfect, clean and in sync. they have to be otherwise they would be karate chopped. just kidding, of course.

most professional artists/dance crews have to be, unless you are justin bieber who can't dance a lick. even american dance crews have to end up with choreography that's clean and synced. all dance crews have to. that's why they practice.

the difference with the k-dance crews are that they are just a tad more sticklish about it or better at it when it comes to larger groups. it's easier with a few but for precision in a large dance crew with nuanced moves is harder. it's the details. that's the only major difference besides some choreography.

it's like defensive driving. professional dancers get the feel of others style and pacing in a dance crew and adjust as well as anticipate. this multi-tasking is done vice-versa to get in sync.
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aww. this touches the heart somehow. this was soon after he was ousted from korea in '09 and from his group 2pm and he returned to his b-boy roots in the states.

so cute and now he is back on top of the world as the ceo of not just one record label but two now: aomg and h1ghr music.
the equivalent of my dance moves

my mind of autism tells myself, "What is the purpose of moving my body parts in such a vain and modernistic manner. There is movement, without purpose, or function. I feel a feeling of vanity. I must sit down before I partake in such silly endeavours." that is why i dont dance. sitting and staring and thinking of the void is more philosophically productive.