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Yup, NASA is cutting folks again. How are we ever going to get anywhere this way? I realize that is not NASA's choice to lay people off. But our politicians have cut the budget once again and sacrifices must be made. People who leave don’t come back. They are not waiting in the wings for their jobs back. They have to eat just like everyone else. So here goes all that great experience (read seniority) down the drain. Maybe we need a little closer examination before we elect. I guess the honeymoon’s over and Dubya has the controls. (not accurate, but paints the picture I was after)
Inevitable maybe, but NASA has to come to grips with the simple fact that the layman is easier to please than the educated and interested folk who aren't fooled by the beauracracy that plagues NASA as it does ALL other agencies of the US Gov't. I subscribe to the notion that NASA is choosing to withhold information about certain things that could very-well change the face of our moral and societal evolution and cut-backs are the least important problem affecting NASA right now, it's DISCLOSURE!!