Could Neuralink adopt this approach?

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by gravitymall, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. gravitymall Registered Member

    "By tuning into a subset of brain waves, University of Michigan researchers have dramatically reduced the power requirements of neural interfaces while improving their accuracy—a discovery that could lead to long-lasting brain implants that can both treat neurological diseases and enable mind-controlled prosthetics and machines.

    The team, led by Cynthia Chestek, associate professor of biomedical engineering and core faculty at the Robotics Institute, estimated a 90% drop in power consumption of neural interfaces by utilizing their approach."
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Huh. From the article:

    "To reduce power and data needs, researchers compress the brain signals. Focusing on neural activity spikes that cross a certain threshold of power, called threshold crossing rate or TCR, means less data needs to be processed while still being able to predict firing neurons."

    I have a patent application on that.
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  5. gravitymall Registered Member

    Wow thats pretty cool
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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    typo ?
    this allows the reception capability to increase by some factor/% ?

    technology should be technical(not a ball and chain)[having to carry or drag battery's or large induction fields{which might cause cancer over a decade} would be a potential additional disability causing additional issues]

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  8. billvon Valued Senior Member

    After over 100 years of exposing people to large induction fields, there has been zero evidence that it causes cancer.
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  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    having a wire carrying electricity strapped to your skin running up your body
    24/7 for years on end
    will almost 100% probability cause cancer in the surrounding cells at some point along that current field line

    yet you seem to be suggesting it requires some type of both-side-ism proof/no-proof document of paper to waive in the air and sell for profit

    equally to use your same logic
    you can say there is ZERO proof a global nuclear winter would happen if everyone fired their nuclear missiles at everyone else

    your application of "proof" is directly applied to be an omission of scientific method to try and prove your position of objecting to something.

    your playing the politics game while im talking science
    maybe i should not bother reading your posts(hhmmm pondering)

    how many people are killed by cancer ?
    what causes it ?

    have you got that bit all sorted already ?
    after 100 years of robotic artificial limbs and cranial mounted electrical wires, micro fields and radiant harmonic induction of brain cells for decades ?

    or did you say just 100 years ?
    (its all been done before square dancing chant?)

    note "thread(discussion) killer" tone ?

    if the subject scares you then why post and read it $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    all about the money huh ...
    are you selling vitamin water ?

    maybe you should start your own thread about your patent and discuss the science of it
    that way you can play the public relations sales game in there instead of trying to control other peoples discussions
    you might even get some ideas worth thousands of dollars for free
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  10. billvon Valued Senior Member


    Most people have some sort of alarm clock on their bed next to their heads, full of wires carrying electricity. Lots of people have electric blankets, which have wires carrying electricity directly on your skin, for 8 hours a day. People have been living with LVAD's for years with wires bringing electricity INTO their bodies. People have lived with pacemakers and implantable defibrillators for decades - and those devices are DESIGNED to inject electricity directly into your heart. People have been living with Parkinson's deep brain implants for decades - and those inject electricity directly into your brain.

    No unusual amounts of cancer.
    I can absolutely say there is zero proof that a global winter is happening right now.
    Feel free to not read whatever you like.
    About 300,000 deaths a year in the US.
    Several things that happen in order.

    The first is a mutation in a cell that enables rapid growth. Since cells are designed to grow from the get-go it doesn't take much of a copying error to cause this. Fortunately you have a lot of genes that code for apoptosis that are designed to shut down such cells before they get out of hand.

    The second is a mutation to the oncogenes that code for apoptosis. Once you lose those genes, then nothing prevents the cell from dividing as fast as it can - forming a tumor.

    The third is a failure in the CD8+ T-cells that are constantly on the lookout for cancer. Usually they can pick up the unusual cell-wall proteins that cancer cells present and destroy it. But CD8+ cells must walk a fine line; cancer is after all almost identical to the rest of your body (almost identical DNA) and if attacks the wrong cells you die of autoimmune disease.

    When all three of these happen at the same time, you get cancer.
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    ok so i was going to read your entire post
    and directly intend to not say anything that might interfere with your attempt at controlling my discussion by referring to your ability to make money
    but now your suggesting a robotic limb is the same as a wind up alarm clock

    and by saying that your saying there is no such thing as EM induction fields
    harmonic frequencies or radiant fields

    i should probably just ignore your posts to avoid getting annoyed

    you want to be a dick
    be a dick
    but now i realise
    im not going to play dick games with you on a subject im quite interested in & holds the future and well being of disabled people globally while hinging on the evolution of the species

    while you see Ego & cash
    i see invictus games & the next leap in the human species

    im ignoring you from now on
  12. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Nope. Read the post again. You missed the point.
    Of course there are. People have been using those fields to charge their DBS implants for decades.
  13. Ethernos D Grace Registered Senior Member

    surely eels and jelly fish have faced more induction than us. maybe we can learn from them and introduce few genes to our brain and increase capacity and i don't think it can go wrong...muhaha

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