Constants Conundrum!!


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Heres a thinker for all you brainiacs ................................ What would happen if the constants of physics (boltzmanns, Planks etc) were NOT constent??!!!!!!!!

Would the dimensions of our world collapse around us??

Who knows??

Anyone care to speculate??

No, the universe would take no noticef whatsoever of our mathematical mistakes. Our equations and constants describe the universe, they do not make the universe. If any of them turn up wrong, we would just work out something better, and the universe would keep on doing as it has always done.
What if they were constant then suddenly changed???
I know it can't happen but if it did....?
I have know idea what your talkin' about.
It universe is complex, complicated and incredibly well designed/asthetically pleasing and fashionable.
The universe has always been female!!