Compelling alien abduction cases

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It's easy for the uninformed to hastily dismiss alien abduction accounts as paralysis dreams that people have in bed at night. I know this because that is what I used to think too before really looking into this phenomenon. While this may be true for some, there remain other compelling cases that show no evidence of being dreamed at all but of being a real traumatic event that happened to fully awake people. In many cases the abductee is noted to be missing, their descriptions of the experience remarkably consistent with others', there are multiple eyewitnesses, photos are taken of the craft, and they often return with scars and triangular cuts on their bodies. It is our duty as intrepid explorers of reality to acknowledge the factuality of this phenomenon and to examine some of the most compelling cases for it. Regardless of why or who is behind it, the abduction experience IS happening to thousands of people every year all over the world. Consider this case that occurred in Mississippi in 1973:

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