Coming of the Anti-Christ...

Random people have spoken to me from all over the world telling me about the same visions they are having I am having too. But they use technology to tap into the frequency 432 vibration of the blue spectrum. If you can tap it it will teach you. But I won't reveal the source at this time. Everything will stay quite until it's time until the end comes.

OK. I think you have just run up the Jolly Roger. I've had my suspicions before, but this is classic tinfoil hat territory.

Actually, looking further at this (and trying to get at least some science into this thread), tuning A to 432Hz lowers it by a bit less than a quarter tone, as you can interpolate from the attached:
(I also checked this on my electronic tuning fork.)

Lowering it a semitone takes A to 415Hz. This, or something like it, is what is often called "Baroque pitch" , which is often used nowadays for authentic-sounding performances of pre-1850 music. There was in fact little standardisation in earlier times, as illustrated in this piece of research on old tuning forks:

I note the various crystals-and-shit sites repeat the statement that "ancient" instruments were all tuned to to A=432Hz. This assertion seems to be quite baseless. It is also intuitively unlikely, as the difficulties of travel would have made widespread agreement on pitch even less relevant than in the c.17th and 18th.

So, almost certainly, a load of old cobblers, unsurprisingly.

(As a baritone singer, I am always relieved when Baroque choral music is played at Baroque pitch. Handel in particular, writes exquisitely for the voice and his bass parts almost never go below G, whereas the top end can be quite high at modern concert pitch. At Baroque pitch it is all comfortable. Bach is a different kettle of fish, making no concessions whatever to the limitations of the voice, so it matters little what pitch is chosen, it is aways tough.)
This is just another reason I do not believe in any religion. All of them say something bad is coming and have been saying that for thousands of years. Eventually something very bad is bound to happen like an asteroid hitting the Earth and killing billions of people . Religions use this fear factor to keep their congregations in line. Since there have been people saying this sort of thing for so long now and nothing ever happens it would seem to me to just stop worrying about something you do not have any control over.
I have this theory that might not be based on reliable “facts” and also might not be as original as I’d thought – haven’t discussed it with anyone yet.

From watching a couple of episodes on National Geographic and History channels I one day had the idea that we may have been conned. Thoroughly – with sincere apologies to any Christians.

The one thing that we do know with some certainty is that man can be quite brutal with others when he has a bit of power – of course I’m generalising now and I’m sure there have always been exceptions. The Christian church, according to the programmes I watched, sure does have a lot of blood collected on its hands since its inception. Priests/spiritual leaders were responsible for horrific murders, manipulations, mayhem and all round misery, more so I think when people were simple, illiterate farmers trying to get by and way too impressed with the learned clergymen and their private communications with the very angels. (I mean even today, do they not step carefully to stay on our good side? It seems to me when something is true it is simply true and should require no PR.)

Survival was a harsh and desperate endeavour in the old days. Stealing a loaf of bread got you nailed to a cross because a slap on the wrist, which would fit the crime better, just wasn’t going to do it. Priests also liked to burn women (“witches”) on occasion just to remind the good folk who’s boss around here and why you need them so much. Which would nicely lead on to the threat that for one life of being less than optimum in the eyes of god, like the good priests, you were going to burn for an overkill eternity, since you were probably a little desensitised by all the witch burning.

Basically people have lied too easily and dramatically for the sake of a little profit or advantage throughout history. They had no qualms saying things that you or I would think too outrageous to contemplate, which is mostly why they get away with it. (And I’m sure that goes for the sciences too, in case you are religious!)

It’s the weak ones amongst people who wish to lead others whose intentions are suspect. They usually seek to keep you in a weak and frightened state, because that is their only and barest assurance of remaining in power.