China's crazy projects

Discussion in 'Architecture & Engineering' started by birch, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    you sound confused
    soo... putting a finer point on things.
    you have only ever worked for the government ?
    you have only ever worked for 2 government departments ?

    and that is the sum total of your experience which you think atmospherically invalidates my comment on a factual basis ?
    as i said above.. to use your own turn of phrase sound confused.

    working in an IT role makes you an IT professional.
    having some type of graduation qualification in an IT field makes your a qualified IT graduate
    neither of which give you automatic broad base knowledge of different businesses, groups of employees and employers, or any sense of how social dynamics of culture manifest inside and outside business models and societal models of customary practice.

    you carefully leave all that out of your very carefully worded post.
    the omission is quite obvious, which is probably your years of experience inside a government department.

    do at your leisure feel free to reply to the points i have raised, keeping in mind you have probably spent most of your professional career attempting to directly ignore such sociology-environmental-macro-ecconomic culture models of geo-sociological-political composition.

    playing the carefully worded ethereal turn-coat-rebel of the big nasty machine does not make you a liberal intellectual political qualifier.
    it buys you bread crumbs at the cafeteria table in chat time while carefully leaving room to side with which ever political team become the dominant party(or in your case, your next boss).
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  3. LaurieAG Registered Senior Member


    I have been a Consultant/Software Developer for 15 years in my own company working for Private Enterprise, I have also worked in the Mining industry for 2 years as a technical specialist (Quality Assurance), in the Hospitality industry for 5.5 years (in 4.5 and 5 star resorts), in the Public Service for 11 years (9 in Communications comprising 5 in the field and 4 in IT with the remaining 2 in another tier in IT) in 2 of the 3 tiers of our government and 4 years in the general Construction industry in materials Quality Assurance.

    I an not going to respond to your trolling any further.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    this i think is the heart of the issue
    LaurieAG seems to be saying the aussie labour party are socialists or run by socialists.
    i think he is being a bit of a whiny alt-right liberal by using such inflammatory political words for mixed market economics enacting social policy that creates foundational structure.

    maybe i am wrong ?
    maybe LaurieAG is just using inflammatory political words as an emotional out for his annoyance in the general government incompetence which is usually administered by non party aligned officials enacting complicating policy that swings from one end to the other.

    i have been trying to get an idea of what level of balanced perspective the statement of socialist secret clubs running the Australian government which LaurieAG has quite clearly eluded to.
    i think that sounds like rallying politically inflammatory talk designed to embolden alt-right anti establishment type ultra liberal conservative reactionaries.

    again... maybe i am wrong.
    i hope i am.
    maybe its just LaurieAG writing style.

    gillard never struck me as a socialist
    though the right wing misogynist boys club certainly would label her as one.
    i will leave it there
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  7. LaurieAG Registered Senior Member

    In case you don't know, when I write something in ' ' I am sarcastically questioning that the something within the quotes is false and not the truth. So saying that Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten are both 'left wing' politicians actually means that they are right wingers. Please re-read what I have written in this context.

    If you google 'sarcastic writing in quotes' you will find these examples:
  8. Marathon-man Registered Member

    I credit East Asia's success to Buddhist economics. Whenever I bring up the subject of Buddhist based economics commenters dismiss it. That is due to their lack of knowledge.

    Both China and South Asia (India) economies were 25% of the world economy for the last 2000 years. After the Colonial age, both economies were just a small percentage. India's was less than 1% and with few exceptions, all the nations that emerged from the Colonial Empires were dirt poor.

    Now in the 21st century, Asia is rising to claim her traditional place as the center of mankind's activity. Asia produced all the major living faiths and most of the ancient civilizations. the center of wealth was in Asia. What is happening in Asia and in China is a natural shift of power and wealth to its traditional centers.

    As for Buddhist based economics, all the Buddhist Empires were exceptional in wealth and compassion. Under these Empires and Kingdoms, the first hospitals purely dedicated to man were constructed. the first Veterinarian hospitals came up. Some of the first true Universities to some of the most advanced hydraulic based civilizations. Civilizations in China and Sri Lanka were the only 2 to have an uninterrupted written history of themselves. In Sri Lanka, historical chronicles cover 3 thousand years of history.

    Some of the most technologically advanced nations are Buddhist as in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand. Sri Lanka is the most developed South Asian nation with a standard of living comparable to a first world nation.
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  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    who invented the micro chip computer ?
    who invented calculus sir isaac newton ?
    who invented geometry?(middle eastern/Persian person around 6000 BC ? )
    who invented space flight ? european ?

    who has the biggest penis and the most money ?

    toxic thread subtext

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