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Did you know China just bought 4 top of the line cruisers from russia and has begun construction of two aircraft carriers. Also they have over 300 su-27 built and are continuing to build them very quikly not to mention that a new stealth fighter comparable to the f-22 has entered the prototype phase? Another interesting thing is that in response to recent developments in taiwan the chinese navy has begun massing and building more transportr ships than in history since the normandy landings.
Also they have increased production of the very modern type 85 and type 90 tanks and also surface ships such as jiangu cruisers.
Now don't get me wrong I am not a china hater in fact i am intrigued and awed by their accomplishments. I'm not paranoid but i am wondering if any of you are as interested in or know anything about the chinese expansion.
I think we should have listened to General Douglas MacArthur when he said during the Korean War that we should just go in and "kick the hell" out of China.

Russian equipment just isn't that good. We should keep an eye on them anyway. I believe that if any conflict arises from China that we can handle it without nuking anyone. As long as the politicians sit back and let the generals fight the war,victory will be ours.

Our armed forces have one BIG advantage over China's, and that's that we all volunteered. There's a big difference in people who fight because they have something to fight for and those who fight because they are told to.

"Shine, sweet Freedom..."
There's a big difference in people who fight because they have something to fight for and those who fight because they are told to.

The Chinese government is very skilled at spewing effective propoganda. I imagine all the troops in the Chinese military are as fiercely loyal and patriotic as any American. (and if not, well, they outnumber us 6:1, so it doesn't matter)
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They outnumber us 6:1, eh? Where I'm from we call that having a very wide shot selection.

Numbers alone do not determine the outcome of a battle. When it comes to tactics, I believe our soldiers have theirs outdone easily. Propaganda is a field I excel in. The Nazis had some great propaganda, and it was handled by THE Master of the art, Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels. They also outnumbered us, as did the Japanese. But all of that fell apart when it came to improvisation on the battlefield. Our troops are not trained to blindly follow. They are trained to think on their feet, not simply respond like robots. I had that drilled into my head the instant I stepped off the bus at Orlando RTC. If you cut off the head of an American unit, i.e., kill it's commander, they tend to rally quickly and effectively where many, not all, but many other nations fall apart without a defined leader.

And improvisation is not something that can be taught. You can only hope that you get the idea before someone else does.

"Shine, sweet Freedom..."
Actually we alone outnumbered germany and japan by over two to one plus the main bulk of the whermacht was deployed against russia its the germans who had more effective training and plans not to mention technology.
We beat them by Industrial might and numbers alon
Have you ever read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"? (I know, it's Chinese...) It's an awesome little book. We had more people (I may have had bad information for my bodycount), we had more stuff, but what good is it if nobody knows how to use effectively? I'm reminded of a story from the Pacific Theater where six GIs broke a Banzai charge with avocado pits.

Have you ever been in a paint war? They're lots of fun. We have an outdoor one nearby and it's a good place to support my point. Three creative players armed with only semi-automatic paint pistols (one apiece) can win the game against an army of well-armed "90 day wonders".

What matters to a great extent is how badly do you want to fight. If you and I were shipped overseas to fight in a great anti-Communist crusade, we probably wouldn't be at our peak performances, even if we had wanted to be there. But if we were defending our homes against an invasion (assume they're raping and pillaging everything in sight and we have nowhere to run), we're going to fight like hell-hath-no-fury, and we're going to use everything we have at our disposal to do it. That's not just an American trait, it's animal instinct.

If we went to China and invaded for whatever reason, I'd offer all the support I could give our boys, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we backed out. They've had thousands of years to learn the terrain. If China came here, however, I'm confident we'd kick their butts. If they launch a missile our way, then I'll read a book and hope those 'black projects' did more than just hack up a bunch of cows in the midwest.

"Shine, sweet Freedom..."