Change over


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This aught to be a hot topic this morning! I see you have changed the format today. Being as it was phazed in shouldn't be anything to the change. Everyine should be able to jump right in so to say. Way to go Porfiry!
Ah yes. I was going to make an announcement, but forgot :). If anyone has feedback, please let me know.
dude you rock !!
this forum kiks ass !!
keep it up !!

thank you for all the time you spend keepin it going
thank you for giving us a place to both vent and analyze thingys
And just when I getting used to navigating my way around the old format! Oh well, I'll just chalk it up to you wanting to keep the few brain cells I still have, active. Too early to tell how I feel about it - We'll see.

Thanks for the effort, if nothing else the new posting format, not too different, just enough to be a bit more versitile ... I think.
Whooops! Looks like the post count isn't tripping ... or am I missing something?
All three of the above posts are showing a '67' posts on my screen. Could it be because they're on the same thread and consecutive? I just did a post to another forum and the count incrimented to '68' ... I'm confused.
That's because the post count it shows is dynamically retrieved from the database such that it always uses the most recent value -- not the value at the time the message was posted.

Everything is dynamically pulled off the database -- so unlike other BB systems, changing something like your signature or your Avatar will be reflected in all your posts, not just those that happen after the change.
Decent! I hadn't considered the data file aspect, although I should have. Thanks for the clarification.