Change ONE Letter

Eeek... I understand now :eek:

Nevermind, En, I got it now :D

To make the game flows again, I'll quote these:

New rule:

You're right.

Let's change it to chaning TWO letters (any two, together or not).
Add two, remove two, change two, add one and remove one...


You have to show a clear connection between the two words.
Lingusitic connection or otherwise. Be creative.

That shoud be a bit more challenging, no?
What do you guys think?

Last word:

Like this?


Game invented by bored school kids in australia to destroy un-used cricket bats with large heavy objects, usually, but not limited to bricks of many descriptions.

edit: rrrrr..... in the above quote, didn't you "add two and remove one" instead of "add one and remove one........??
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OK then


During a game of Bricket the school kids scared up a bunch of crickets.

Hows that?
Aren't Bricket and Crickets both games that children play? Both games involving bats as well, if I read his post correctly. Excellent example.

Crappers are located in Skii lodge along with the Gappers.

(I changed the C -> G and removed the R does this fit the rules?)

The term, "Gapper" is derived from people found on the ski hill that generally sport the dreaded helmet gap. The gap that exists between the brim of a ski helmet and the frame of the ski goggles. Generally these people don't seem to care that a very visible 2" gap exists exposing their forehead to the elements. As a result, "Gapper" can now generally be used to describe any skier that clearly has no sense of style or, fashion awareness.
"Hey man, check out all those gappers out on the bunny hill"
puppers!! i use it alot to describe more then 1 ADORABLE puppies!!!

aaaawwww look at the adorable puppers!! I want one!:(

pulper [′pəlp·ər]
(mechanical engineering)
A machine that converts materials to pulp, for example, one that reduces paper waste to pulp.
Maybe we should just make a second game.
People read the first post, then go to the latest one.