Change ONE Letter


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For example, If I post:


you might respond with:


If you can relate the words somehow or demonstrate clever irony, you get extra points.
You can replace one letter, remove one letter or add one letter. THAT'S ALL.
Adding an "s" to the end is acceptable, but cheap, and will be regarded as such. :)
Verifiable place names and people's names are allowed, but only if they have their own Wiki page (and you have to link to it).
Let's see how long we can keep this going with each new word...

I will start:


we are getting this game for our daughter for xmas. Its the same idea as this game

do diphthongs and diagraphs count as one or two letters? i think it could be more interesting were they to count as one. maybe. and do both terms have to be of the same language?
Changing E to É counts a a one letter change. That's how I understood it, anyway.

Why would he ask if that counts as one or two letters?
And what about diphthongs? I think he means coupled vowels such as: ua, ui, ai etc.