Capacitor to store lightning?

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Benny, quit stalling, and show us your credentials.

BTW, you are enacting the role exactly as described by JTWash. Either he's a prophet, or you've been caught doing this before,....
I want this board to focus on circuits, not certificates

Conversations with you proceed thusly:

"I want to talk about circuits!"
"OK, what's your circuit?"
"I'm not going to tell you."

Thus people may not take that claim very seriously.

and I never once said anything negative about them as human beings

"Is anybody aware that they have been ruining this board?"

The old adage about living in glass houses comes to mind.

If you want to talk about circuit design, by all means, do so. From my perspective most of your posts are about tooting your horn for your secret patent while complaining about the people who aren't taking you seriously. And while you're free to do that, it seems a bit hypocritical to complain when others post similar things.
BennyF's behavior

BennyF's behavior is only going to get worse from here. He's never going to discuss his super secret circuits with you because they don't exist. The same thing happened on the Yahoo boards when he was asked to post his trades minus any personal and sensitive info (acct #'s, etc). He wouldn't do so even after other posters did...this is all a ploy for attention from him.

We tried ignoring his IDs on Yahoo, but more and more would pop up. Pretty soon it became really difficult to have any conversations with posters you wanted to because he would hijack the threads. He would do the same here if his patent info wasn't so super secret and tied to his BennyF ID.

The moderator can ban me if they would like. I have nothing to contribute on the actual topic and won't pretend to be knowledgeable...unlike BennyF!

One last shot, though - since 2009 BennyF/David has been talking up his hydrogen economy on the Flagstar board over on Yahoo:

"It has been an interest of mine for the past three years because it was three years ago that I discovered an economical way to manufacture hydrogen. I am now preparing a patent application on a preliminary step in the process of helping our country to become more energy self-sufficient." - David/BennyF, 31-Aug-09

He'll throw this out every now and then to try and discredit other commodity traders and pump up his fantastical schemes. It's nuts.

BennyF is entertaining at the moment, but the personal threats and insults are only going to get worse the more and more his ignorance on the topic is exposed.
Conversations with you proceed thusly:

"I want to talk about circuits!"
"OK, what's your circuit?"
"I'm not going to tell you."

Thus people may not take that claim very seriously.

Anyone that thinks this way doesn't understand the distinction between two sets of circuits, and they're in two very different categories.

One category is circuits that are in common usage, like voltage dividers and current dividers, circuits that I learned about 30 years ago in school. These circuits are unpatentable, but they are eligible for discussion.

The other category is the circuit that is on the "drawing board" of my computer. This circuit is based on well-known electric/electronic components, but the actual configuration has simply not been patented. I say this because (this is getting repetitive) I have seen the text of every issued patent in the numbered class and subclass that I believe my application will fall into, once it is filed.

For those who are new to the board:
My patent application will claim that my circuitry is a unique method of charging a capacitor (or a group arranged in any combination of series and parallel).

I hope you can now tell why that hypothetical conversation is absurd. If I don't want to talk about my personal circuitry, (and no, I don't), I'm still willing to discuss cap banks, resistor dividers, and other well-known circuits.

And lightning, which was the original topic for this thread.

Benny, an admirer of Mr. Franklin
Hehe...a little present from secret admirer of Benny:

It's a science forum for discussing science, not a Facebook where you basically just attack other posters.

Yes, which means posters must demonstrate a grasp of the subject, and Benny hasn't. Scientists also gain qualifications, Mac and I have shown ours, Benny hasn't.

The OP has made a great contribution to this forum by providing a very well discussed scientific matter, you should thank him for that not slag him off.

The OP was Cato. Not Benny.

Certainly he provides more to the forum than those whose sole purpose seems to to attack people,

He's providing misinformation. He's not providing proof of his alleged qualification.

he has provided a thought provoking thread and I commend him for that, because that is the root of science.

No he has not. He cannot capture all of the electrical energy of a lightning strike into some apparatus. He hasn't even constructed a prototype, and the biggest capacitor he own is 1Kv, which can be bought for less than a dollar. (he fails to specify the capacity despite being asked) He hasn't even (even after prompting) prototyped his circuit using FREE software tools and verified them.

Those who attack him provide nothing scientific whatsoever, their posts in the context of a science forum are essentially worthless.

We are correcting his bad science. That's very worthwhile.
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Thread closed, for the time being. It's gotten off topic, which is a shame. I'll sort through the last few pages, delete some posts, move some others, maybe even check on some claims regarding who said what to whom (and then consider reopening the thread).

Feel free to PM me with politely worded opinions for consideration on the fate of this thread.
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