Buying a 4K or 8K TV?


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If I sit 10ft away from my TV, do 4K and 8K show any difference to be noticed by my eyes?
If you're blind, then no. ;)
If you have 20/20 vision then it will ultimately depend on the size of the screen, and to a lesser extent on what the source is going to be.

In terms of screen size, some testing has suggested that from 10-ft away you'd need a screen of c.200" or more to be able to notice any significant difference in resolution. So if you have a 100" TV or less, I'm not sure 8K will be of much benefit.

Have a look at this:
The article is over a year old but should still be relevant.

Basically, no, I don't think you'd notice any difference from 10-ft away, unless you have a screen close to 200" (diagonal). You'd probably notice some difference, but nothing significant, and possibly no more a difference than you'd see between different 4K TVs.