Breed LESS

Breeding less is tantamont to suicide. Western Europe will soon cease to exist as we know it due to insufficient breeding


Laugh all you want. In fifty years, Europe will be a bunch of Islamic Republics. Your decendents (should you have any) will live under Sharia.
Not having 7 kids in your family is not suicede. It is responsible planning...
I'll bet that's what Homo neanderthalensis said, as his village was overwhelmed by upstart Homo sapiens and his people were wiped from the face of the earth.
So what? In 50 years America will be 80% Latino, and Cinco de mayo will be the only national holiday! :)
I'm Latino. No problemo. The difference is, Latinos come to America to work and soon become part of the mainstream culture.

In Europe you have Muslim immigrants not wanting to become part of their new nations. In some countries, Muslim areas are "no go" zones for the police! They are already losing control of their own countries.

By the way what do you propose for the Europeans??
It's simple. More fucking, less birth control, less immigration.
Its funny to see cartoons ridiculing traditional wisdom. We know better than eons of history condensed in some silly old book.
Two kids to a family on average, that means of 20 people that if 10 people never have children, the other 5 couples could go catholic and have four kids apiece and still maintain a stable population number! I don't know the statistics, but doesn't this kinda reflect things in most modern nations?
There seems to be no controlling immigration into both Europe and the US.

Once we start regulating breeding there will be no return until a new civilization dawns. Governments don't go backwards from controlling stuff like that.