Biggest Bomb Ever Designed

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Yet only 6 countries have created them and know how to, USA (first), Russia (second), Britain, France, Israel (though they dare not admit it), and some other country.

Would that "some other country" be China, perhaps, the world's largest country?
Nazi's were CERTAINLY working on the bomb. They were completely fucked over in a clandestine raid on their heavy water production and the project was scraped.

The worst testing done was by the U.S and USSR in the atmosphere, denied to this day, these tests were LARGELY responsible for the initial creation of the hole in the ozone layer. These tests may have doomed us. The tzar bomba was actually a lot more safe than the atmosphere tests, though I understand it pretty much smashed a hellova lot of windows in Finland...amazing.
The biggest bomb ever made in the world or its histroy was made by the Nazis in world war 2.

It was a nuclear bomb made of 2,000 tons of Uranium.

The US bombs that were dropped on japan weighed only 3 to 10 pounds of uranium according to the US militrary.
So 2,000 tons of Uranium was enough uranium to blow a whole in the earths crust and form a new european land mass from the spewing lava, which could have been called the mother land a new europe.

The only reason that it was not detonated was because of defects in targeting, cause by tampering from a scientist on site to prevent the blast. U.S troops arrived only 24 hours before the eventual discovery of the tampering scientist Oslo would have occured.

Oslo words when US troops arrived, " its good you got here i would not have lasted another day before they figured it out."


2000 tons of uranium in one bomb, Dwayne? I sure would like to see some sort of reference to that, if you could find one. I would like to see you come up with a reference for the scientist Oslo, who just happens to have the same surname (or given name, you didn't make that clear) as the capital of Norway. As for delivery, how were they going to manage that? Short of loading it on a ship and sailing it across to Britain/US/wherever/to set it off? The British were straining the limits of 1940's aircraft technology getting an Avro Lancaster to fly an 11-ton bomb to Germany--even these days, we don't have the capability of carrying 2000 tons anywhere by air, unless the military have some phenomenal machine I haven't heard of yet.
What I read was that a German physicist designed ( as in, not made ) a device which needed 40,000 pounds of natural Uranium in order to develop a runaway chain reaction. It is an ongoing matter of controversy whether the physicist ignorantly thought that a device needed that much Uranium or was knowingly misdirecting the Nazi war effort.

What I read was that the Nazis were discouraged after digesting the report and did not actually construct, or, try to construct, the device.

My guess is that the Nazis never actually tried to build the 40,000 pound device.
2000 tons of uranium in one bomb, Dwayne? I sure would like to see some sort of reference to that, if you could find one.
You won't get a reference from Dwayne.
All of his "facts" are inventions of his own manufacture, fuelled by delusion.
As to a German bomb, like I said before, they simply were no where near the point of knowing how to build one, let alone building one. Their interest in uranium ore was to try to build a reactor for preliminary research, and they hadn't even gotten to the point of starting a chain reaction in that. And the reactor design sucked, to put it buntly. ;)

20-20 hindset. of course.
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