Balcony repairs questioning the structural integrity of building?


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Hi...I wasn't sure where to ask this so here goes....I live in a 50+ year old building that is undergoing repairs on the balconies....removing old concret by jack hammer and it is definetly shaking things up in our appartments. They are exposing the rebar. My question is...what is it doing to the structural integrity of the building?

I live in Toronto,Canada and sure we don't have a big fear of earthquakes or other building damaging natural hazzards...but could the building collapse?

I don't old building....stress....etc....any comments or ideas?
That depends on how big and heavy the balconies are that are being removed. It may cause structural instabilty because the weight-balance is changed. But I would not worry that much about it, it is very unlikely that the building is going to collaps, perhaps you get some cracks in the paint on the walls or ceiling, that should be the worst to come.
We're all getting great foot massages...Scary thing is we can feel the vibrations even in the elevators. When the work on the rebar (sanding, grinding) the vibrations carry through the whole floor that there working on from one end of the building to the other. My worry is its got to be shaking things loose from the foundation. This is going to sound naieve but isn't concret suppose to stick to the rebar throughout the building...well I'm sure its cracked and shaken loose now. Any how it would be interesting to hear what the building inspectors have to say after the job is done....It's still pretty un nerving
In a 50 year old house it is quite normal to feel these vibrations. Modern buildings would vibrate too, it is nothing to be concerned about. As long as the balconies are removed properly there should be no great problems. But if too much concrete is broken off, the walls may loose stability, that would be bad. It is hard too judge from afar, but I don´t think your house will collapse.
If all they are doing is removing the outside balconies then your safe and sound for they don't have a structural load of the main building upon them. They just jut out from the existing building and are supported by that rebar they are removing.

If however they start to tear apart the main building then you should call a structural engineer to get their opinion or call your local building and zoning department and ask them to come out and a look.
Again , it really should be looked at by a structural engineer to be on the safe side. That would be the wisest thing to do.